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ure is just around the corner, and I won’t give in to anyone.”


May 15, 2024

ure is just around the corner, and I won’t give in to anyone.”
Lord Tianhuo God’s eyes flashed with unruly color.
“So, you can deprive other people of their future with peace of mind!”
A cold voice sounded in this secret shrine.
The words appeared, and the expressions of the gods present changed.
“Senior Sister Demon-Slayer!”
Lord Vulcan couldn’t help but stand up that day.
There was unconcealable astonishment in his eyes.
“You dare to snatch my things, okay, then you can give it a try and see if the Demon-Slaying and Immortal-Slaying Sword in my hand is still useful?”
In the cold voice, a gray-black sword energy instantly pierced the air. And then, tearing apart this magnificent and bright God Division, the bodies of several gods were directly exposed to the vast ocean of wisdom of the Xuanmen of Heaven and Earth.
These fire gods looked at this scene with solemn expressions.
At the same time, I felt happy.
Fortunately, the Demon-Slaying True Lord did not take action directly, but only suppressed the divine power of several people with his sword intention.
But this is already a direct warning.
/At this time, the boy who was surrounded by light chuckled when he heard this.
“That’s great, no one has to play together, it’s the best!”
His figure turned into a streak of fire and disappeared in an instant.
Lord Tianhuo stood there alone, his face changing drastically.
There was just a hint of unwillingness in his eyes.
In his opinion, the position of Kitchen God may be the key to realizing the soul. A good opportunity is in front of him, but he can only stop. How can he give up?
In the Canal Dragon Palace,
Zhang Jian’s body was filled with strong spiritual energy at this time, and countless spiritual energy manifested into a large area of ??magnificent signs behind him.
Outlined by inspiration, sacred mountains and rivers emerge, and beautiful mountains and rivers are outlined. It is a magnificent map of the country, the country, and the country.
Although this Jiangshan Sheji Map is incomplete, even missing most of it, it resonates with the Baolu mana in Zhang Jian’s body. It seems to be integrated into the Baolu mana, causing the Baolu mana to continuously expand and absorb the abundant spiritual power in the Dragon Palace. , and a dripping golden cauldron emerged from the magic power inside.
Boom! !
There was a riot in the treasure house.
/As the Lord of the Divine Division, the Canal Dragon Lord’s spiritual thoughts were illuminated, and he immediately noticed that the majestic spiritual thoughts were projected on the treasure house, and his eyes were a little surprised.
He saw that countless ideas around the treasure house were absorbed by a cauldron evolved from mana like a vast ocean, and were all cooked into a stream of pure mana.
The manifestation of mana is full of vitality, vast and surging.
Just a moment is comparable to years of hard work by other foundation-building monks.
“What a powerful spirit-swallowing method!”
Long Jun looked at this scene and f

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