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ultivation, causing hidden injuries and no progress.


May 15, 2024

ultivation, causing hidden injuries and no progress.
But if you don’t experience it, you won’t be able to embark on a further path. In fact, all practitioners have no choice but to break through illusions and move forward step by step.
“The so-called practice means to be brave and diligent, and to walk on thin ice. I believe that the Master of the Nine Immortals Palace will give me an explanation.”
Long Snake returned to the matter of senior sister, with a fierce light in his eyes.
“You came back just in time. We will go together to deal with the matter of your senior sister being injured. This will also allow these old guys to recognize my new disciple of Dragon Snake. To avoid accidental injuries in the future.”
He said the last sentence with a bit of gritted teeth. .
“Also, about your arm, I’m here There is a Seven-turn Xinlian Pill that can regenerate severed limbs. Take it first.”
“Thank you, Master.”
Lin Xinyiyan stepped forward to take the pill, and then was pulled and asked carefully about the injury. , it took a long time before I could say goodbye.
After leaving the main hall, he first went to visit Senior Sister Liejin.
He only has an average relationship with these people, the best one is with the lava troll Ouluo, but as brothers from the same sect, he has to show care no matter what.
Liejin was seriously injured. Most of the internal organs and bones in his body were crushed into dregs. He could only lie on the bed and communicate through sound.
Lin Xin also felt a little angry. After all, they were brothers in the same sect and had been getting along for some time. After carefully comforting Liejin, he slowly exited the room and asked the Alchemy monk who was taking care of him to go in and check.
Master Long Snake will go to deal with the matter, probably within the next few days.
After he returned to Deep Fire Palace, he quickly asked the maid in the palace to take care of the things in the bag. He took out the Kira Mask in advance and did not tell Dragon Snake about it. He only told him that after they met the singer of the River of Resentment, He quickly evacuated.
After all, this mission involves many secrets that he cannot tell, especially attribute points. He actually gained more than 65,000 attribute points from the resentment of the devil.
It is difficult to explain the logic of this process. Why did he obtain the ancient artifact, and when the time comes, he will have to figure out what his trump card is.
/He simply didn’t say anything.
Leaving the Deep Fire Palace, he flew directly towards the stone house.
/As the white clouds slowly fell, there was a blood dragon hidden around the stone house, standing in the dark and saluting him from afar.
Pushing the door open and walking into the house, a golden light flashed and radiated from him.
The array detection instantly verified the identity of the jade talisman on his body. The golden light dissipated and the door closed automatically.
Lin Xin slowly walked to the stone bed, lay down on it, and comple

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