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the water glass within easy reach, Zhao Song turned around and left. The off-road vehicle outside the factory felt like it was going to explode.


May 15, 2024

the water glass within easy reach, Zhao Song turned around and left. The off-road vehicle outside the factory felt like it was going to explode.
Zhao Song walked to the door and just put his hand on the door handle of the house. He heard the sound of a vehicle starting outside. Zhao Song felt angry, “Since you are so worried, just watch it. What’s the point of sending it outside to harm others?” He turned around and walked towards the bed. Wenjing walked away.
Lifting the quilt, Zhao Song raised and lowered his hands towards Wen Jing. MD, I did not come back to be a legendary saint.
To be honest, Wen Jing’s chubby little PP feels so good.
Facing the drunken corpse on the bed, Zhao Song waited for a while before turning around and leaving.
Zhao Song walked out of the door, raised two middle fingers at the off-road vehicle, and then happily walked into the next door.
On the way to Kyoto the next day, off-road vehicles had begun to follow me blatantly. Zhao Song continued to ignore.
A new day has begun, and Zhonghai Market is still crowded with people.
“Bang!” The door was knocked open.
“Director Qin, Zhao Song seems to have been kidnapped.”
Director Qin was shocked. Who is this stupid person who is causing trouble for a college student with three certificates? Still hijacking? ”
“what’s the situation?
“A few people who looked like bodyguards hijacked Zhao Song into a Lincoln car? ”
/“What can you do in the Lincoln? Is it shaking?”
The security guard suppressed his blush and said nothing.
Director Qin sighed helplessly, “Go and talk to Zhao Dou quietly. Then ask the brothers to gather at the door, just in case. It shouldn’t be a big deal.”
Zhao Dou hurriedly ran out of the west gate of Zhonghai and saw Lincoln I was relieved that the car was still there. Light a cigarette, put on finger gloves, and strolled to the bodyguards surrounding Lincoln.
“What do you say?”
The head of the bodyguard called Li Nan. Seeing Zhao Dou alone, he ignored him.
Then, Li Nan started to sweat on his head. First, a bunch of security guards in Tesla uniforms came out of the west gate of China Shipping, and then a bunch of shopkeepers came out with keyboards and case covers ready to take pictures.
Zhao Dou blew out a puff of smoke at Li Nan and continued to ask: “What should I say?”
Li Nan looked at the dozens of people with fierce looks in front of him, and finally compromised: “Chairman Wen is talking to him, and he will probably come out soon.”
Zhao Dou didn’t ask any more questions and squatted in the corner without saying a word and continued to smoke. In the Lincoln car, the middle-aged man slowly turned his head, looked at Zhao Song and said, “I
n’t expect you to be so popular in Zhonghai.
” Child, hello Zhao Song, my name is Wen Jing, Wen Jing’s father!”
Zhao Song was a little nervous when he saw such a big man in front of him, so he said casually:
“Hello, father.”
Total assets: 50,000.
/Send Wen Jing back. Beijing University, as soon as he turned around and stopped at the en

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