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ut his personal situation and what difficulties he had.


May 15, 2024

ut his personal situation and what difficulties he had.
Lin Xin didn’t want to stay in there anymore.
/Striding out of the hall, several high-level officials from the Netherworld had arrived outside, as well as the three city lords from the Underworld City who didn’t know when they came.
“God Lord! The catastrophe has arrived.”
Lu Fangxun, the Lord of the First Underworld City, whispered solemnly.
“Great Tribulation”
Lin Xin’s expression changed, and he suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky of the Netherworld.
I don’t know when in the sky, a black dot suddenly appeared on the earthy sky.
The dot was only the size of a fist at first, and as soon as it appeared, it quickly shrank.
Chi! !
An extremely harsh noise spread.
All the monks in the entire Netherworld noticed the changes in the sky.
boom! ! !
The black dots suddenly expanded, exploding countless gray-white air currents, covering the formation heading towards the Netherworld.
The formation has already started its defense.
A large amount of gray air flow hit the khaki formation shield hard. It makes the sound of water washing over solid matter.
The underworld is boiling.
Countless people stood up, ran out of the building, and looked up at the changed sky.
An inexplicable emotion of depression, heavyness, and terror suddenly surged out of my heart.
In the void.
The Nether Realm and the three surrounding defensive cities are like four pitch black disks, one large and four small, with a circle of earthy yellow light film suddenly supporting them around them.
Layers of large formations, layers of light blue star power, combined with massive unknown energy, gathered together to resist the surging gray airflow from the outside world.
Densely dense light yellow lines are still rising inside the Netherworld City, as if they are constantly replenishing the huge consumption of the shield.
Other surrounding stars are not so lucky.
All materials, rocks, soil, biological spaceships, everything that came into contact with the gray air flow were instantly destroyed and completely submerged, with no trace of movement visible.
The gray air flow is like a giant beast that swallows everything. Except for the underworld city, nothing can escape its swallowing.
A huge fleet that was slowly heading towards the Netherworld had just jumped out of the star gate and immediately encountered a gray air flow.
boom! ! !
The fleet shield only lasted for a few breaths before it exploded, and all the ships were completely engulfed without even a groan.
The huge light blue star gate was instantly submerged by the gray air flow before it could even send out an emergency communication.
The huge black void seemed to be filled with dye, and in the blink of an eye it was completely filled with countless gray-white substances and was immediately annihilated.
The main sect of Bihu Mountain.
Tianzun Huanyu held a cup of jasper-like tea and slowly put it to his lips, but he couldn’t drink it.
He was sitting in the

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