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rly and has a daughter. She has not returned from working abroad for many years. She had long adapted to living alone until she met Zhao Song squatting on the roadside.


May 14, 2024

In the beginning, the two of them were really mutually beneficial. The young man felt that he was taking care of him. He would come to visit him when he had nothing to do. Sometimes he would bring fruits. More often, it was just to say hello and chat. He has been working at the grassroots level for nearly 30 years. Which civil servant is not a human spirit? It is naturally clear whether it is sincere or false.
It was another deserted New Year’s Eve. Watching several hosts telling the time on TV, Wen Lihua completely lost her appetite. Regardless of the dumplings already wrapped on the dining table, Wen Lihua planned to wash up and go to bed. “Bang bang bang”.
“Who is it?”
“Aunt Wen, it’s me, Zhao Song.”
Outside the door, Zhao Song was carrying two firecrackers and several boxes of New Year gifts. He looked at her happily and smiled, “If you don’t catch the dumplings in the cafeteria, come to Aunt Wen’s place to have a meal. You won’t welcome me, right?”
Aunt Wen showed a happy smile, “Come in quickly, Auntie will cook the dumplings and eat them together.”
“Okay, I’ll set off firecrackers!”
There are always inadvertent touches in life, maybe a place where you can eat dumplings, or a warm smile outside the door.

The part-time contract signed with 7/11 was only for ten days. After that night, he had nothing to do with Liu Ying. The two had a tacit understanding. That night was just a passionate moment between two lonely people. When Zhao Song left, he left her a pager number and asked her to help contact the business. He emphasized very solemnly that he would get a p for every order, but he was chased out of the door.
On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, a few businesses in Zhonghai Electronics Market were open for business. San Zhao had already returned and was preparing to open on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year. Sister Dada asked Zhao Xin to leave his mobile phone number for him and said he would contact him later.
/As the most deserted month of the year, Zhao Song didn’t want to go there to be a model, so he borrowed Zhao Dou’s Jetta. As for the driver’s license, he paid Director Hong to buy it. I don’t know why, but he can spend money on everything these days. purchase.
200 meters east of the street in front of Kyoto Station, avoiding the place where black cars gather, Zhao Song strolled slowly on the sidewalk, shouting softly: “On Xueyuan Road, 30 per person, only two seats; Xueyuan Road, 30 One. Come and two will leave immediately!”
“Aerospace Academy, is it okay for two people to be fifty?” Two female students came up and asked.
“Do you have a lot of luggage?”
“It’s not much. You can just hold it in your arms. You don’t even need to put it in the trunk?”
Zhao Song thought for a moment: “Let’s go, get in the car and don’t talk.”
“Understood!” The two female classmates were very smart.
This is the last business of the

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