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our name, don’t you remember?” Liu Gan replied to Anna.


May 14, 2024

our name, don’t you remember?” Liu Gan replied to Anna.
“What are you talking about?” Anna stood up and sat on Liu Qian’s body, reaching out and touching his forehead.
“If you are not Anna, then tell me what your name is?” Liu Gan asked Anna.
“My name, my name.” Anna’s expression also became a little confused.
“Remember? Anna, Guo Tian, ??Jiang Jinyuan, Qianzhou, Zhang Mengdi, I am not the second brother, I am Liu Gan!” Liu Gan reminded Anna.
“My dear, what are you talking about? You are my second brother and I am the second sister. Of course you can call me second sister! I won’t have any objection. Haha, what are you thinking about? Go to bed!” Anna He pursed his lips and pushed Liu Gan hard.
/“You have been lost in the memory fragments. Although I am awake, I am trapped here. Something must have gone wrong! It seems that we can’t get out of here unless we find the right way. “Liu Gan shook his head, pushed Anna back to the bed and stood up.
“Husband! What are you doing in the middle of the night? Go to sleep!” Anna stood up again and hugged Liu Gan’s waist, pulling him back to the bed with all her strength.
A piercing siren sounded in all the cabins, and the warning lights flashed. At the same time, an urgent call came from the polar experimental site broadcast, saying that a biochemical leakage of up to level 7 had occurred in the north area of ??the experimental site. , and asked all experimenters to immediately put on protective clothing and gather in the atrium of the laboratory.
Having no other choice, Liu Qian and Anna quickly got up, found protective suits in the cabin and put them on. After opening the cabin door, they followed the staff who rushed out of other cabins and ran quickly towards the middle hall.
After arriving at the middle hall, Liu Qian and Anna found Jiang Jinyuan, Qian Zhou, Guo Tian and Zhang Mengdi and met with them. The whole middle hall was in chaos, and everyone’s faces were full of fear and panic. , judging from the alarm level, this biochemical leakage accident is obviously very serious.
Although the staff and security personnel in the atrium wore protective clothing, they did not wear protective hoods. They told everyone that the atrium was still safe, so everyone temporarily turned on their protective hoods.
“The current situation is very urgent! We need ten volunteers! Enter the North District where the leak occurred to carry out repair work! Volunteers will receive an increase in authority, and family members who die in the line of duty will receive special treatment! Start registration now!” A supervisor Guarded by more than a dozen gun-wielding security personnel, the senior officers shouted to everyone in the hall with the loudspeaker in their hands.
Everyone looked at each other in shock. There had been several leaks in the laboratory before, and most of them were Level 3 or Level 4 leaks, not as serious as this Level 7 leak. At that time, some volunteers did take the initiative to go to the leakage area to carry out repair work, but most of them died

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