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of the snow-capped mountains.


May 14, 2024

of the snow-capped mountains.
The street lights on both sides of the road are on, and some buildings on both sides of the road also have lights shining out of the windows, indicating that there has been no disaster in this town, everything is operating normally, and there is still the most basic power supply.
“Why do I appear here? This dream can’t be the same as that dream, right? I saw Guo Tian asking for help last night, who will it be tonight? Should I do something?” Anna stood there. I was stunned for a long time, not knowing what to do next.
If only Liu Qian were here, he would definitely tell her what to do now. He seems to have an idea at any time. Even if no one else knows what to do or where to go, he can get it. He comes up with ideas and makes decisions, and afterwards his decision is always proved to be the most correct.
Since when have you become so dependent on him? This is not a good thing, he can’t stay with her forever.
A familiar voice appeared behind Anna. Anna couldn’t help but be very excited after hearing the voice.
Anna turned around and looked at the man behind her with surprise.
It is indeed Liu Gan.
“Are you here too?” Liu Qian seemed a little surprised, but he didn’t seem very surprised.
“Are you real?” Anna walked over and touched Liu Qian’s clothes. The result was that the touch was very real. Liu Qian was not a ghost.
“Like last night, we started to have this kind of bizarre and real dream again, and tonight our dreams were actually combined together. There must be something fishy behind this.” Liu Qian said a few words to Anna , and then looked around.
/“Brother Liu, what do you think the reason is?” Anna asked Liu Gan back, but she felt a little inexplicably panicked in her heart. Is this really a dream? If she was dreaming, wouldn’t she be able to do whatever she wanted in her dream?
“You’d better not imitate Zhang Mengdi’s speech. It sounds weird.” Liu Qian took two steps back, with a slightly helpless expression on his face.
“Okay.” Anna couldn’t help but blush a little. Now she has been guessing in her heart, is this dream hers alone? Or did you and Liu Qian enter the same dream together?
It’s impossible for two people to have the same dream, right? It’s even more impossible to enter the same dream, right? That doesn’t make sense at all! If two people can have the same dream, wouldn’t it truly become a world for two?
“You seemed to have felt something during the day today. There is no one else around now. Please tell me.” Liu Qian asked Anna.
“During the day, I always feel like something is following us, spying on us. Anyway, it feels very bad. In addition, there is a very bizarre thing I haven’t told you,” Anna told Liu Qian.
“What’s the weird thing?”
“It’s the dream I had last night.” Anna told her last night that Guo Tian’s face appeared on the wall and asked for help, and that Guo Tian fell under the ice crevice during the day. , really asking her for help, and the expressions on their faces were exactly the same. This matter was t

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