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and caring.” Yu Xing quickly complimented Anna.


May 14, 2024

and caring.” Yu Xing quickly complimented Anna.
“Hello, you two!” Anna ignored Yu Xing and walked over to greet the couple.
The couple didn’t seem to hear what she said. They just talked about love and did some very ambiguous things, such as kissing and touching each other. They didn’t shy away from it at all in broad daylight.
“Hey! It’s in a public place! Be careful! It’s true that a full man doesn’t know a hungry man is hungry!” Anna scolded the man and woman unhappily.
The man and woman still didn’t react at all and continued their intimacy.
“Sister Anna, what did you say?” Yu Xing followed over strangely.
“I told them to pay attention in public places!” Anna replied to Yu Xing.
“I meant the latter part,” Yu Xing laughed. He was also very hungry now!
“You know nothing about this little brat!” Anna kicked Yu Xing on the butt.
“Oh!” Yu Xing quickly ran away into the distance.
“Are you two deaf? Did you hear what I said? Hey, hey, hey!” Anna was a little annoyed. She stretched out her foot to kick the male of the couple, but the kick missed. It seems that these two people are in harmony with each other. Like the female white-collar worker, she was just a phantom NPC in the dungeon.
“Excuse me, have you seen a four-year-old little girl wearing a red top and a white floral skirt?” Yu Xing came over and tried to ask the couple again.
While Yu Xing was talking to the young couple, he still felt a little panicked for no reason. Who knows who these people are? Suddenly appearing here, it can’t be a ghost or something like that, right?
“A little girl wearing a red dress and a white short skirt? I think I’ve seen it before.” The woman in the couple pushed away the man next to her and answered Yu Xing proactively.
Anna looked at Yu Xing with some surprise. She had just yelled at the couple for a long time, but it had no effect at all. Why did Yu Xing start a conversation as soon as he came over? Didn’t this couple of bitches give her too much face? It’s so infuriating!
“Then can you tell me which direction she went?” Yu Xing asked the woman again when she saw her reply.
“I’m thirsty. Go buy me a drink. If you buy me a drink, I’ll tell you where she went.” The woman answered Yu Xing with a smile.
Hearing her answer, Anna had the urge to beat her up, but she knew that these people were just shadows, so there was no point in beating them, so she could only continue to stare at them fiercely.
“Excuse me, where can I buy a drink?” Yu Xing asked the woman again patiently.
“There is a kiosk over there. There are a lot of drinks for sale in the kiosk! I want to drink black tea. I like drinking black tea. If you want to buy other drinks, I won’t drink them.” The woman had many requests.
Yu Xing glanced at the kiosk over there. What kind of drinks were there? The kiosk was in tatters, surrounded by weeds, and the counters were covered with vines and thick moss.
But Yu Xing still walked over to take a look, and then searched around in the shelves of the kiosk.
/“Hey! Why are you ignoring me? A

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