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May 14, 2024

If small foreign TV stations also count, Zhao Song added silently in his heart.
/Wang Qin pursed her lips and smiled without saying anything. She walked back to the stage and took a bow with her sisters to the enthusiastic former colleagues!
Amid warm applause, the Tesla annual meeting, which was no less than a professional evening party, officially came to an end.
When the sun rises again, this industrial park will be busy again. This Spring Festival, Tesla will not be off!
Night has fallen quietly, and on a return bus on the Badaling Expressway, members of a family were sitting quietly, reminiscing about today’s wonderful annual meeting.
“Zhao Song.” Suddenly, a senior senior student broke the silence in the car and exclaimed: “It’s amazing. I don’t realize that this is a private enterprise that was established not long ago!”
The handsome man turned around and smiled. He asked, “Do you still remember that flash mob?”
Of course, even if they didn’t participate, everyone here has the footage of that flash mob saved on their computers. After all, one of the members is a member of the University Flash Mob Alliance. member.
“I think Zhao Song has been shaping Tesla’s international profile since then!”
“As if asking you to be a spokesperson?” Bai Li asked, rolling her eyes.
“Haha~” The handsome man also rolled his eyes at her, “I’m asking you too, are you a village girl?”
Hao Ying suppressed laughter and lay down on the chair in the front row, exposing half of her body, ” Xizi, I see that everyone at Tesla is very motivated and seems to have a sense of urgency?”
After hearing Hao Ying’s question, the scene became quiet again, and everyone looked here.
Xizi thought for a while and then said: “I don’t know if I’m right or not. Just listen to me for now. There are two reasons:
First, Tesla implements a last-place elimination system. Even for this high salary, They don’t want to be eliminated either.
Second, what goes up and down the line leads to results. As the boss, Zhao Song has a sense of urgency, and the following will naturally have a sense of urgency.”
“Tesla won’t say why Zhao Song has a sense of urgency, because he is the best in Shenzhou. He is a famous young entrepreneur.”
At this time, Li Yong, who was sitting in the front row with Xiaoyan, turned around and said, “People from the club helped him collect information some time ago. They should all know that foreign technology companies are really developing too much. Almost! Looking at their plans so many years in advance, anyone in our country will have a sense of urgency!”
Xizi nodded and continued: “Let’s talk about the memory war. In just one month, DDR266 has been drafted. It’s over. The DDR2 generation has entered the final stage. The production lines of various memory chip manufacturers have begun to adjust. What is reflected here is not their quick action, but the terrifying technical reserves of each manufacturer!”
Bai Li asked softly: “Zhao Song, what do you still want? Making chips?”
Hao Yi

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