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. Two more ax chops were made on the back, and the zombie’s head was easily chopped off.


May 14, 2024

. Two more ax chops were made on the back, and the zombie’s head was easily chopped off.
After the anger gauge is full, it can indeed inspire stronger fighting power! If Pan Hua were still alive now and saw this scene, he would definitely not be able to believe that this was the weak female anchor he had known before.
“Very good, you finally proved that you are not a pig, but this is not enough!” Liu Gan rushed out of the back door of the community again, attracting another zombie.
Lulu became more and more proficient at fighting dozens of zombies in a row. She only had dangers with the first few zombies. Later, she completed perfect kills alone without Liu Qian’s help, which made her fighting more difficult. Her confidence is getting stronger and stronger, and Liu Gan has fewer and fewer opportunities to scold her.
After Liu Gan went out again, he brought in two zombies at a time. One of the zombies had intact hands, while the other zombie had both arms cut off by Liu Gan.
/“If you don’t want to die, become their food, or turn back into a pig, then don’t let them form a pincer attack on you! When something doesn’t feel right, run up quickly, pull them into a straight line, and then turn around to avoid it. Pounce and wait for opportunities to counterattack.” Liu Qian continued to give Lulu loud instructions from the side.
With the previous foundation, Lulu easily killed the zombie with sound arms, and then killed the zombie without arms, without giving Liu Gan a chance to call her a pig.
Liu Qian attracted two more zombies with sound arms.
The one-hour training time originally agreed to last more than three hours passed unknowingly.
Under Liu Qian’s guidance, Lulu killed more than a hundred zombies in the past three hours, but she still did not reach level 4. But now she can easily deal with the attacks of two zombies with intact arms at the same time. After more than three hours of training and baptism, she was no longer the weak woman who could only wait to die without the protection of others.
In the last half hour or so of training, Liu Qian didn’t even get a chance to call her a pig.
Although the world of Thriller is full of murderous threats, it can also make a person grow up quickly. Changes that cannot be achieved in several years in the real world may be achieved in a few hours here. Human beings can only discover and develop their greatest potential when faced with desperate situations and constantly facing death.
“Graduation courses are here, you have to be careful!” Liu Gan said to Lulu and then left the back door of the community again. When he came back, he brought back a total of seven or eight zombies.
After Lulu killed the two zombies that rushed over first, she was soon surrounded by several other zombies. This made her extremely frightened. She had to fend off the dangers from left to right, so she had to look at Liu Qian for help. .
/Liu Qian was standing not far from her. Before Lulu was about to be surrounded and bitten by the zombies, he knocked them down in threes an

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