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the time comes. Tell us later, and then we will wake him up. “‘Jiang Jinyuan’ told ‘Anna’ his plan.


May 14, 2024

the time comes. Tell us later, and then we will wake him up. “‘Jiang Jinyuan’ told ‘Anna’ his plan.
“Isn’t this great? What’s the risk?” ‘Ana’ shook her head.
“The risk is that you return to the memory fragments again. There is no guarantee that the original owner of this body will take it back. Although the chance is very small, there is still a certain possibility.” ‘Jiang Jinyuan’ put his The worry was expressed to ‘Anna’.
“Don’t worry, I believe in my obsession, that little girl will not be my opponent.” ‘Anna’ was obviously very confident in herself.
“Okay, you go in as soon as possible, I will monitor and assist you outside.” ‘Jiang Jinyuan’ nodded and agreed.
‘Anna’ once again lay down in the soul cabin. After being injected with the deep-sleeping potion, she returned to the memory fragments.
At this time, Liu Gan had woken up in the memory fragment and was checking the writing on his arm in the bathroom. After reminiscing, ‘Anna’ immediately found a patch-type eavesdropping device in the cabin and prepared to install it in a hidden place on the inside of Liu Qian’s clothes, but she was a little unsure of what kind of clothes Liu Qian would wear today.
/“Honey, what clothes are you wearing today?” ‘Ana’ asked towards the bathroom.
“I’ll look for it myself later.” Liu Qian answered Anna and quickly wiped off the writing on his arm.
After returning to the room, Anna took the opportunity of a hug to secretly stick a patch-type bug on the inside of Liu Gan’s clothes, and Liu Gan asked Anna about the record book. Anna had just erased Liu Gan’s record outside. Memory, of course, would not hand over the record book to him.
When Liu Qian came out of the bathroom, he was already wary of Anna, so he noticed her installing a patch bug, but he pretended to know nothing. Although he still hadn’t regained his memory at that time, he already understood that he was being watched.
Once he recovers his memory, it will be erased, so even if he recalls who he is now, he can no longer show it. He must completely pretend to be his current character, which is the safest way.
During the conversation with Zhang Mengdi, Liu Qian knew that everything was under the surveillance of ‘Anna’, so he did not say anything to Zhang Mengdi. Instead, he deliberately ‘betrayed’ Zhang Mengdi to ‘Anna’ at night.
Liu Qian, who gradually regained his memory, roughly understood that the six of them had fallen into some kind of trap based on all the abnormal circumstances, and were about to or had already been kidnapped. He also guessed that one of the six was probably already dead. Someone whose body had been taken away woke up and controlled the soul cabin outside, injecting medicine into his body at any time to interfere with his normal waking up.
Therefore, the only way to survive is to pretend to be the second brother, as realistic as possible. Only in this way can they take the initiative to release him from the soul cabin.
According to the second sister’s feelings for the second brother, Liu Qian is not worried that h

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