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and killed by Shivering World soon.


May 13, 2024

and killed by Shivering World soon.
The outside world is too dangerous, and he has no ability to protect their safety. He doesn’t want to bring them with him to become a burden to him. What he can do for them is to tell them some experiences of survival in the trembling world.
“Tell me about it.” Mo Fan said with a very interested expression.
/“You have been staying in Novice Village during the internal testing, right?”
“How far have you been from Novice Village?”
“Not that far, the farthest is northeast, right? It’s ten kilometers It looks like it’s up to five or six kilometers in other directions.” Mo Fan made an estimate and answered Liu Qian.
“What’s the reason that prevents you from leaving Novice Village too far?” Liu Gan asked next.
“We internal beta players are restricted by the system and can only move within a few designated areas in Novice Village. Outside the designated areas, there are deep ice crevices or high cliffs, and we cannot explore further. If you forcefully climb the cliff or go deep into the ice crevices, you will be warned by the system and forced to be teleported back to a nearby safe area, and then we will know that we cannot leave from there.” Mo Fan answered Liu Qian on behalf of everyone. .
“That is to say, you have never been too far away from Novice Village, and you have never seen the world outside Novice Village, right?”
/“The dangers of the outside world are probably the reason why novices cannot be approached Come near the village. But after the game is officially launched, the protection near the novice village will definitely be removed, and you will soon face an extremely harsh reality. It is very likely that you will die soon after the server is launched. Will die, I don’t know very well, because I haven’t died yet.”
“Can you be more specific?” Mo Fan looked at Liu Qian expectantly.
“First tell me your current level.” Liu Qian proposed to everyone.
“We all seem to be at level 2. They are more advanced. Jiajia is at level 3. Wang Peng, are you almost at level 4?” Mo Fan asked Wang Peng. He knew that Wang Peng stayed there all day long. In the game, you can take on a lot of tasks and reach the highest level.
“I am 3, she is 2. I was originally promoted to level 4 by doing the mission, but I was killed by someone the day before yesterday and was level 1.” Wang Peng looked a little depressed.
“That is to say, most of you are now at level 2 to level 3, right?”
“Yes.” ”
I came from outside. Let me tell you this, after leaving the protection area of ??Novice Village , in the outside world, the lowest level snow-spotted zombies are equivalent to the strength of level 5 and above players, and there are even pure white zombies and giant bat monsters flying in the sky that are equivalent to the strength of level 10 players.”
“Think . Think about it, with your level 2 and level 3 strength, what will happen if you encounter these level 5 or even level 10 monsters that are far stronger than you?” Liu Qian introduced the situation outside to e

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