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with a fierce look on his face.


May 13, 2024

with a fierce look on his face.
“Don’t be afraid. We were just afraid that you would be infected, so we took these protective measures and tied you up temporarily.” Anna came over, pushed Liu Gan aside, and comforted Zhang Mengdi.
/Mr. Liu has never known how to show mercy to women, and his methods are too simple and crude. The cute girl will definitely not be able to stand it. Anna thinks it would be better for her to take the initiative in this kind of thing.
“Yeah, you see, we don’t look like bad guys at all, right? You really don’t have to be afraid, brother Guo Tian is protecting you!” Guo Tian also came up and squatted in front of the girl with a smile on his face.
“Get out of here!” Anna stretched out her hand and pushed Guo Tian away. Guo Tian was caught off guard and fell to the ground. After getting up, he looked at Anna unhappily, but there was nothing he could do.
“Your name is Zhang Mengdi? How old are you this year? My sister is here, don’t be afraid.” Anna tried to comfort Zhang Mengdi a few more words.
Zhang Mengdi looked at Anna who was just shaking without saying a word. She looked really frightened.
Anna tried to say a few other words to Zhang Mengdi, but Zhang Mengdi remained silent. She secretly tried to break free from her tied hands and feet. Unfortunately, Liu Qian’s binding skills were very high, and she had no idea. Just can’t get away.
“Master Liu, I don’t think she is in any danger, why don’t you untie her hands and feet?” Jiang Jinyuan came over and asked Liu Gan.
“I don’t think she will say anything. Ignore her. Wake up the other one and ask that person.” Liu Qian shook his head dejectedly, maybe he was a little too cautious.
/Jiang Jinyuan walked to the other dormant cabin, repeated the process just now, and woke up the woman named Qian Zhou from her dormant state. This time Liu Qian did not tie up Qian Zhou, but stayed vigilantly at the side of the dormant cabin to watch Qian Zhou’s movements.
After more than ten minutes of injecting the awakening potion, Qian Zhou gradually woke up from his dormant state. He looked very happy when he saw Jiang Jinyuan and Liu Qian and smiled at them.
“Hello.” Jiang Jinyuan tried to say hello to Qianzhou.
“Hello! Are you the rescuers who came here? I didn’t expect that I could survive until this day! I thought I would die here!” Qianzhou happily replied to Jiang Jinyuan. It seemed that she was quite courageous, at least much more courageous than Zhang Mengdi. She didn’t look scared at all after seeing Liu Qian and the other two.
“We are investigators sent by Sanyu Company. You have to tell us first, what happened here? Why do you think you will die here?” Liu Qian asked Qianzhou seriously. Since Qianzhou and Zhang Mengdi were wearing the uniforms of Sanyu Company, he and Jiang Jinyuan could pretend to be investigators of Sanyu Company.
Qianzhou blinked and looked at Liu Qian strangely, probably wondering why he asked such a question, but after a moment, she answered Liu Qian honestly.
“It’s like this. Last time w

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