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It’s hard not to be familiar with it. The first half of my life after time travel was spent dealing with Him—His divine son, His divine envoy, His wish to descend, the remaining belongings of His believers, His crazy ravings, His Various related murals… At this moment, Klein was absolutely sure that it was the “True Creator” who began to look at the Silver City exploration team.


Dec 20, 2023

Frankly speaking, when Lovia started reciting that person’s honorable name, Klein wanted to send her a “Lightning Storm” directly to eliminate the problem before it arose, but he resisted the urge in the end because he There is no guarantee that the “shepherd” can be killed in one blow – the evil spirit that Lovia herds should have a Sequence 3 status. Although it has died long ago, its current comprehensive strength is still at the Sequence 4 level. It is close to but not yet reaching the level of an angel. It won’t be a problem to hold on for a while in the “lightning storm” of the next level.
And once “The Fool” can’t kill Lovia simply and lightly, it will be considered cowardly in the eyes of “Demon Hunter” Colin.
In addition, Klein believed that Colin Iliad was happy to see Shepherd Elder Lovia reciting the honorable name of the True Creator. He wanted to use this to check Mr. Fool and achieve some kind of balance.
/This is actually a disrespectful behavior in front of the gods, and it is easy to annoy those great beings, but Colin Iliad has no choice. He will not and cannot simply believe in the “Fool” and the “True Creator”. Able to work hard to maintain and test on the edge of the cliff.
Only in this way will Silver City not be suddenly destroyed, like those city-states that have been buried in the depths of darkness and covered with the dust of history.
It’s a pity. If the “Darknessless Cross” is in my hands at this time, and I fully mobilize the power of the mysterious space above the gray fog, I can hope to kill the Silver Knight evil spirit instantly… This is a natural restraint… Klein sighed silently and could only accept this development.
——He didn’t notice anything unusual about Joshua before. It wasn’t until the Silver City warrior wearing red gloves strangled his neck that he saw the other person’s spirit become gray and gloomy.
Just as the “Shepherd” elder said, this is one’s own “fall”, which is not much different from losing oneself due to money and beauty. It is difficult to be detected by external forces.
/“That section of the stairs should have the remnants of the divine power representing ‘fall’, which has been integrated into the environment, making it difficult to find and resist… The previous stone men had no wisdom or spirituality, but were not affected… Judging from the honorable name, The ‘True Creator’ has control over the fallen nature, and just by looking at it, the corresponding power can fade away…” Klein adjusted his mentality and continued to observe the subsequent developments.
During this process, he couldn’t help but think about a question:
Is the “True Creator” now watching t

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