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the real world, help Sharon and Emlyn resolve the battle quickly.


Dec 20, 2023

After looking at the miserable mummy projection appearing in mid-air, Klein manipulated the three archangels to entangle the “god” Si’a, while using the influence of their breath on the environment around him, he changed “teleport” to “flame jump”. Continue to deal with the “Witch King” of the Rose School of Thought.
During this process, he seemed to be free and easy, but in fact he found that the degree of fit between his body and soul was gradually declining, and his body gradually became a prison for his soul, making his movements more and more stiff and heavy.
This brings Klein to the core description of “Prisoner”:
The body is the prison of the mind, and the world is the prison of the body.
As time went by, he intuitively understood the meaning of this sentence from another perspective.
After “Godly Sin” Si’a began to pay attention to him, even if he had no chance to attack him directly, he was unknowingly eroded!
After Renette Tinichole controlled the “Eyeless General” with one head, she raised the black cane held between her teeth with the other head.
This cane was inlaid with various gemstones and lit up with misty brilliance.
A figure quickly formed, it was Gehrman Sparrow wearing a top hat, a trench coat, and holding a “Death Knell” revolver.
A flash of silver-black light then flew out and accurately hit Karaman’s body.
Karaman’s thoughts suddenly stopped, and his whole body was completely frozen in place.
“Spirit-controlling bullet”!
This is the “spirit-controlling bullet” shot by Gehrman Sparrow reappearing in the “Star Staff”!
——This sealed object numbered “0-62” allows the extraordinary abilities and characters that appear in the holder’s mind to “come” to reality, and the latter can launch an attack.
Sharon on the other side immediately turned into a puppet exactly like Karaman. She retracted her right hand and inserted it into her chest.
Blood spurted out violently, and Karaman’s mouth opened, but he could not make a sound.
For “Ghosts”, the heart is definitely not a vital point, but for vampires, it is very fatal.
Without giving Karaman a chance to resist, Emlyn once again flipped through “Lemanor’s Travel Notes”, released the “Summoning Historical Aperture Image” recorded on it, and took out the “Darkless Cross” that was full of patina. .
/He pressed his fingers sharply on the spikes and let the blood flow out, “washing” the spots on the cross.
/An extremely pure and extremely white spear condensed instantly.
After Sharon lifted the “Source of Curse” state, Emlyn threw the spear of light and watched as it penetrated the chest of “Witch King” Karaman and nailed him to the wall high up in the church.
The brilliant light suddenly expanded, completely wiping out Karaman’s last breath.
“The Gun of Darkness”!
In the vast desert, Klein suddenly stopped. He took off his top hat, pressed his hand on his chest, and saluted “Godly Sin” Si’a and the Witch King.
His body immediately faded and disappeared.
During t

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