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ioned in the mainland, otherwise sooner or later the entire continent will be filled with dragonborn.


Dec 20, 2023

Maxim was willing to talk nonsense because he was really angry. Just killing the group of orcs in front of him could not eliminate the anger in his heart.
After coming out of Dragon Island, everything went wrong for him. When I first arrived at the Warcraft Mountains, I spotted a hilltop and wanted to build a nest. I didn’t expect that the “landlord” was not easy to mess with either.
The female bear, who was also bad-tempered, came out and had sex with Kai Kai without saying a word. Everyone’s strength is at the same level. Who’s afraid of who in a duel?
Unfortunately, the other party didn’t follow the rules. After suffering a loss in the battle, he called another earth bear to come over and help.
Then, Maxim suffered a tragedy. He was chased and beaten by two bears of the earth. If he hadn’t been fast enough, strong and resistant to beatings, he would have almost lost his life as a dragon.
From the depths of the Warcraft Mountains, I chased him all the way to the edge. I saw that I couldn’t take him down, so I finally stopped.
Maxim, who suffered a big loss, has realized that the Aslant continent is not easy to mess with, at least it will not be his turn to dominate the Warcraft Mountains.
He simply built a lair on the edge of the Warcraft Mountains and settled down to slowly recuperate. He had only been napping for a year when he was awakened by the group of orcs in front of him.
The dual anger was superimposed, and the grumpy Maxim decided to let these orcs disturb him and slowly die in fear.
Realizing that something was wrong, the leader of the old Eagle Man hurriedly said: “Dear Lord Maxim, after hearing about your reputation, we came here specially to give you a gift.”
Hearing that it was a gift, Maxim’s expression softened slightly, and then he became furious: “You reptile is lying!”
Seeing this scene, the leader of the old eagle man was startled. Don’t dragons all like to be flattered? Why don’t they act according to common sense?
Fortunately, the old man reacted quickly enough and realized that his flattery had hit the horse’s hoof, and hurriedly said: “What are you doing standing still? Hurry up and open the box!”
In an instant, the shining golden light caught Maxim’s attention, and the original anger was extinguished at this moment.
/Greed for money is the biggest weakness of the dragon clan, and the red dragon Maxim is no exception. His biggest wish is to have countless gold coins, and then he can seduce a beautiful female dragon and make little dragons.
One is not enough, it is better to have a group.
As an adult dragon, Maxim has a food and sex habit, which is completely a normal requirement.
/I came out this time just to get enough treasure. If he hadn’t been beaten by two earth bears, he would have gone out to make money.
“These treasures belong to me, you reptiles, stay away from me!”
Maxim couldn’t help but scolded.
It could be heard from his tone that he no longer had the mur

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