• Sat. May 25th, 2024

ll a few zombies in the big tree and on the shore, and without disturbing the zombies in small areas, they could easily get on the yacht. Went up.


May 12, 2024

ll a few zombies in the big tree and on the shore, and without disturbing the zombies in small areas, they could easily get on the yacht. Went up.
But it’s obviously not that simple now. Because of Wang Yongchang’s yelling, zombies in the entire community are now gathering here. So many zombies have even formed a small wave of zombies. If Liu Gan attacks again at this time, If people force themselves down the tree to fight with them, the number of people will likely be reduced again.
So now the original plan can only be abandoned, and everyone will be forced to perform a second taxi. The target of the second taxi will be the yacht in the river. After Yinhe untied the other end of the special rope from upstairs, he did not return to the tree and pulled the other end of the rope to the yacht in the river.
Yinhe first got on the yacht, cleaned up all the zombies that had been smashed by the tornado on the yacht, dead or alive, and threw them into the river. Then, under the guidance of Liu Gan, he untied all the fixed chains of the yacht and lifted the anchor. After that, we drove out of the dock, tied on the slide rope, drove to the river, and straightened the slide rope.
/Under Liu Gan’s arrangement, everyone started gliding for the second time. After the experience of the first gliding, everyone seemed much more skilled in the second gliding. Everyone was silent, and hundreds of zombies roared under the tree. Amidst the sound, one after another slid onto the yacht.
After everyone got on the yacht, Liu Gan drove the yacht back to the shore. After Yinhe landed on the shore, he climbed up a tree, recovered the special rope, and then jumped back to the yacht by jumping on the heads and shoulders of the corpses.
This special roll of rope has already played an important role twice. The first time was to deal with the squirting monster and remotely pull the grenade ring. This time, everyone flew from the top of the corpse tide to the tree and then to the yacht, so it must be recovered. Maybe it can play a key role like these two times in the future. Save people’s lives.
Everyone was lucky this time. There was still enough gasoline in the yacht. After Yinhe returned safely, Liu Gan drove the yacht toward the center of the river. Both sides of the river bank were densely packed with zombies. After discovering the yacht in the middle of the river and hearing the sound made by the yacht. Some zombies actually jumped into the water and began to slide in the water.
It can be seen that although these zombies usually do not take the initiative to enter the water, if they find prey in the water, they will still jump into the water and swim towards the prey to hunt.
Although these zombies can swim, they move much more slowly after entering the river than on the shore. Their sense of smell is not as sensitive as on the shore, and their vision is also greatly affected. After swimming with the yacht for a while and being thrown away, they lost sight of their target and swam back to the shore. It seems that driven by thei

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