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ns and the powerful demons of our side.


May 12, 2024

ns and the powerful demons of our side.
/Kill Zhenglie.
But the most intense ones were two of the battlefields.
Among them, four immortals, three second-generation ancestors of Tongshan, and a silver-armored dragon god worked together to suppress a terrifying demon god whose energy around his body was like a vast ocean.
The tyranny of that outsider demon was far greater than any outsider demon that Zhang Jian had ever seen.
This is probably a complete outsider demon god.
Secondly, several immortals from the Holy King family joined forces to form a formation and trapped an outsider demon with three heads and seven arms.
The demon god from outside the world manifested himself into a body of ten thousand feet, and the surrounding eyes were magnificent, and there was a vague power of the demon god that could devour all things.
But he didn’t gain the upper hand.
The three surrounding immortals from the Holy King’s family are not only rich in combat experience, but also have the Holy King’s relics in their hands.
They were the ancestors of the three holy king families, namely the Jiang family, the Pan family, and the Tao family.
The power of the Holy King’s relic is extremely powerful, and it can activate part of the power of the laws of heaven and earth in the Zhoushan Realm, which is very troublesome.
Hearing this, the three heavenly immortals nodded slightly and immediately headed towards the killing formations, assisting the immortals in the killing formations to kill other outsider demons and outsider demon gods.
Zhang Jian’s eyes swept across the void, and he saw Ji’s figure.
Ji used the Paradise Immortal Spirit Diagram to manifest a magnificent Paradise Immortal World. At this time, it enveloped several powerful demons in her own realm, and was killing them one by one with the help of the power of the treasure.
She seemed to have the upper hand.
Zhang Jian is not worried about her. The Bliss Immortal Spirit Diagram is very powerful and contains several special weapon spirits. Ji will not have any problems.
His eyes fell on the gluttonous demon.
The power shown by the gluttonous demon god is extremely strong, and it is also close to the Taiyi realm.
I’m afraid that this gluttonous demon god himself is a powerful demon god above the Taiyi realm. However, this demon god’s body was formed not long ago and failed to exert the power of the Taiyi realm demon god.
His mouth moved slightly at this time.
The three strong men from the Holy King family who were fighting against the Gluttonous Demon God had secret thoughts in their hearts. They looked at each other and reached an agreement.
The three immortals formed a three-talent killing array in their three-talented positions, and each held a sacred king’s relic in their hands.
They are a Shennong tripod shining with countless green and red divine lights.
A golden mace.
/The second is a magnificent stone slab. The longitude and latitude on the stone slab form a manifestation, as if all the rivers, rivers and crops are included in

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