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a few knowledgeable people to design and improve it together.” Liu Qian did not completely deny Zhang Shengli’s idea. mean.


May 13, 2024

a few knowledgeable people to design and improve it together.” Liu Qian did not completely deny Zhang Shengli’s idea. mean.
If Zhou Mingliang, an expert in materials mechanics, had not died, he should have come in handy at this time. Unfortunately, he was confused and wanted to follow Xu Changhui to commit suicide. By the time Liu Gan rushed over, it was already too late, otherwise Liu Gan would have rescued him. down.
“Well, I have nothing to do anyway. I’ll set up a base construction team to brainstorm and improve this idea together.” Zhang Shengli’s suggestion was accepted by Liu Qian, who looked very happy.
/Staying in the apocalypse, having a stable and safe camp, having enough food to eat, and sleeping peacefully is the most basic desire in the heart of every survivor. After wandering outside for so long, living in fear and tension every day, it was finally possible to find a safe-looking place like the prison. All the team members instinctively wanted to stay and build this place into a better and safer home. idea.
When they were on the island in the middle of the tranquil river, many team members didn’t want to leave, and now they don’t want to leave even more. Although Liu Gan said that he would find an airship to go to the northern suburbs or the main city to find a portal, but those things were too far away and sounded very unreliable. He didn’t know if he would survive until that day, so , I can count one day at a time if I can be stable in a place like prison.
“I will go out with the convoy, and the safety of the camp will be entrusted to you. If there is any unexpected situation, it is up to you to make the decision. No matter what decision you make, trust your own heart and don’t hesitate. I I believe in your ability.” Liu Gan patted Zhang Shengli on the shoulder, opened the door and got into the car that was about to leave.
“Don’t worry, Mr. Liu! We’re here at the camp!” Zhang Shengli assured loudly through the car window.
Liu Qian smiled at Zhang Shengli and directed the convoy to leave the prison. Under the leadership of Zhang Hua and his new girlfriend, they headed towards the Ningjing City Reserve Warehouse.
Zhang Shengli, Wang Decheng, Han Guangming and others who had recovered from their injuries stayed in the prison. In addition, Li Miao had also mutated and advanced, awakened his powers, and firearms. The prison’s defense force was still very strong, so Liu Gan took I won’t be too worried if I go out with the Milky Way.
There are three vehicles in the convoy. Zhang Hua, his new girlfriend and another female warehouse manager lead the way. There is a transport truck for ordinary team members in the middle, and Liu Qian and Yinhe are in the last vehicle. They are small cars and are not responsible for carrying things, they only help with transportation.
After leaving the prison, the car headed west. The roads on the outskirts of Tranquil City were also well built. Although a catastrophe occurred, the catastrophe did not last long, so the road damage was not very serious.

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