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etorted: “You have such an offensive mouth. I really don’t understand what’s going on with Anya.” I will fall in love with you.”


May 11, 2024

etorted: “You have such an offensive mouth. I really don’t understand what’s going on with Anya.” I will fall in love with you.”
Han Xuan raised his eyebrows and replied: “It’s a very interesting question. The Chinese language is profound and profound, so don’t talk nonsense.” ”
Seafood can also be bought in supermarkets, and it is more convenient. I came here specifically because shopping in the fish market feels different, like visiting an aquarium or tourist attraction.
Ordinary people are tired of going to the market to buy ingredients every day, but for Han Xuan, it is a very interesting experience. Many tourists will also make a special trip to the Sydney Fish Market. The guide lists this place as one of the must-see places in Sydney.
In recent years, many ranchers in Montana have sold ranches that have been in their families for hundreds of years, and then moved to live in big cities. However, wealthy people living in cities are rushing to buy farms and ranches for long-term vacations and like the countryside. A kind of indifferent life.
Stock investor Warren Buffett personally called little Gonzales and offered to buy his Gonzales Ranch at a high price, but was rejected. Little Gonzales could brag about this for the rest of his life.
It can be seen that what is not obtained is always better. People will pursue whatever they lack. The poor are more pursuing money. When their wealth reaches a certain level, they will pursue their true desires deep in their hearts.
When Han Xuan makes decisions now, he simply follows his own ideas and does whatever he wants. His life seems a bit chaotic, but he feels comfortable.
All kinds of seafood ingredients in the Sydney Fish Market are the freshest. A big octopus was still alive, lying in a plastic basin filled with seawater. It tried to escape with its tentacles on the edge of the basin, but was kicked back by the stall owner. Look. Look at those thick and powerful suction cup tentacles, whether grilled or braised, they will be delicious and chewy.
Instead of buying a whole octopus, I only bought an octopus leg, which weighed a full two kilograms. It was a very big octopus, bigger than the one in the basin. It had just died. The stall owner boasted that he had caught it only in the morning. There is nothing fresher in the market, and the tentacles are still twisting unconsciously.
/King crabs have been flooding in the Antarctic area recently. In the past two years, scientists have observed a huge swarm of king crabs numbering up to one million on the seabed of the Antarctic waters. This news has made it impossible to sell them at high prices, and they are scarce. The principle of expensiveness applies everywhere.
/Han Xuan picked and picked, and finally took away a tied up extra-large king crab, leaving Secretary Dawson to pay. His cousin Mengmeng smiled and chose a blue meat crab that was only four times bigger than her palm. The forelimbs of species crabs are thick and full of meat.
The poor guy was tied up with bubbles coming out of his mo

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