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ware engineers, hardware engineers, electronics, commerce, physics, chemistry, psychology, etc. There is always one suitable for you! Just


May 11, 2024

ware engineers, hardware engineers, electronics, commerce, physics, chemistry, psychology, etc. There is always one suitable for you! Just
pass by, don’t Don’t miss it!
/You won’t be disadvantaged or fooled. If you are accepted, you will get the latest Blueberry mobile phone, plus a limited edition premium account of wow chat software, as well as a GG shopping network US$500 free consumption coupon and a Starbucks coffee US$500 recharge card!
In the future, all employees will buy cars internally. 50% off, twenty years of service as a supervisor, and the company will allocate a sea-view apartment for free!
Do you want an Aston Martin?
Do you want a Maserati?
Do you want a Rolls-Royce?
Do you want a Bentley?
The year-end lottery has it all, this year The year-end bonus is as high as US$50,000,000!
A billion-dollar investment in ultra-luxury office space with shopping malls and leisure and entertainment facilities. The world’s most sci-fi office building is waiting for you!
Isn’t it cool? What are you waiting for?!”
Good guy!
Han Xuan shouted out, and there was a sudden silence.
Making chips requires knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.
The company needs lawyers and management talents, East West Bank needs students who are proficient in financial knowledge, and Xueshan Pharmaceutical Company lacks experts in biogenetics and medicine.
In aspects such as product packaging and appearance, design professionals are also indispensable. The company also has a dedicated psychological counseling department, so psychologists are also needed.
Among the companies that came to Stanford University to recruit today, there is no one like Snow Mountain Investment Company. , able to provide so many different types of jobs.
Students who are looking for work nearby can always find employment opportunities that suit them.
Other companies followed the same old formula and introduced welfare measures such as benefits, pensions, medical insurance, and stock dividends. After hearing Han Xuan’s words, these students found it quite novel.
With the idea of ????taking a look, a large group of students who were ready to submit their resumes followed Han Xuan and collectively headed to the recruitment site of Xueshan Investment Company.
/Han Xuan didn’t just shout once and then stop, but he shouted as he walked, ducking in wherever there were many people. After shouting several times, there were already hundreds of people behind him.
Whether it is the world’s most luxurious company headquarters or travel opportunities, they are all attractive. The most important thing is the Snow Mountain Investment Company’s annual meeting of wealthy people that was highly exaggerated by the media last year.
These students still have fresh memories of the scenes played on TV at that time, including a wall of tens of millions of dollars in cash, rain of banknotes, luxury watches, and luxury cars, which made these students who had no contact with society blush.
Let them suddenly wake up, this rich

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