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red gold as a The characteristics of the ‘inert’ heaviest natural metal on the earth may be universally applicable to all ‘worlds’.


May 11, 2024

red gold as a The characteristics of the ‘inert’ heaviest natural metal on the earth may be universally applicable to all ‘worlds’.
Based on this, it can be inferred that gold naturally has the characteristics of a valuable ‘general equivalent’ recognized by ‘intelligent creatures’, useful and rare, as long as society When it enters the stage of generating currency, it will naturally become ‘hard currency’.
Therefore, it may not only be the earth, but all the ‘worlds’ that can digest gold. In this case, the market will be much larger.”
“Tracy, you are the secret to this You heard it from Uncle Howeg, he is really a well-informed person.” Tina was stunned and whispered.
Zhang Lisheng, who was standing behind her, his eyes lit up and said to himself: “No wonder gold always appears in ancient myths and legends. It turns out that it is also a valuable thing in the ‘big world’, so to speak.” . I really underestimated this river full of gold.”
“I did hear this news when my father was chatting with friends.” After hearing Tina’s words, Tracey nodded and said.
As soon as the red-haired girl finished speaking, she was already squatting on the bank and stretching her arms into the river. Shelia, who struggled to pick up a handful of river sand from the shallows, looked down at the handful of golden and heavy gravel, stood up and spread it out. hand. Excitedly shouted: “Tina, Tracy, come and see, the sand in the river is really gold sand with rich gold content.
/If this gold is made public, I’m afraid the ‘Sea Shrimp B1 Island’ will be renamed ‘New Jinshan Island’s gone…”
The slowly flowing underground river water has used hundreds of millions of years of erosion to peel off the rough and ugly appearance of the ores in the river, leaving only the gold in it that will not be worn away by erosion.
The three girls have been amazed for a long time by the vast amount of river bottom gold mines that are easily available and do not need to be mined. However, after all, they are all born into wealthy families. After having lunch, he put aside the gold that was not the time to show up yet, and began to happily experience the tribal life of the Hellmen.
Draw the blueprint and let the craftsmen of ‘Tudenan’ command the rogue beasts. He built a huge bark house with a unique shape as his temporary residence; wore special leather armor and rode on a ‘giant spider’, when thousands of native warriors rounded up and tracked the prey until they were exhausted. Use a blowpipe to shoot poisonous arrows to kill ferocious beasts; sit on a large boat made by natives. Drift in the ocean of the ‘other world’, bask in the sun and eat raw fish.
Tina, Tracey, and Shelia spent two weeks living a dreamlike and interesting life among the Tudenan tribe, so much so that on the way back to the human ‘gathering place’, the expressions of the three girls actually looked a little lonely and regretful.
“Oh, dear sisters, I really didn’t expect those natives to be so smart and so considerate. They were like a different race from the last tim

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