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ffice. As soon as they opened the door, a burst of stuffy steam hit their faces.


May 10, 2024

ffice. As soon as they opened the door, a burst of stuffy steam hit their faces.
The temperature outside was only 13 or 4 degrees, but after entering here, Han Xuan looked at the thermometer, and the mercury scale clearly pointed to more than 22 degrees.
/Everything is emerald green, with cucumber stands neatly set up here. The leaves are as big as a palm, and the vines are growing upward along the nylon ropes as thick as a finger.
There is a small hole in the water pipe, and a drop of water will drip every few seconds. The roots of the cucumber vine are soaked in small pieces. The soil is a little black. The rotten leaves provide nutrients for it. You can also see some soil pushed out by earthworms, forming a pile. Centimeter high hillock.
In normal seasons, cucumbers are almost withered, but here they have just bloomed. The small green melon seedlings are hanging on the shelf, and the longest one is only more than ten centimeters.
There is a person dressed as a farmer’s wife nearby, pruning the excess yellow flowers to ensure that other fruits and vegetables have sufficient nutrients.
When she heard the door open, she turned to look over, put down the scissors in her hand, and said, “Han Xuan, why are you here?” ”
Come and see, Aunt Kelly.” Han Xuan smiled and said, “Are you there? What are you doing here?”
“Working, there are too few things in the cafeteria, your Uncle John has to work during the day, I will be bored staying at home.”
Kelly replied with a smile, looked at Han Qianshan and Lewis, nodded, and continued talking to Han Xuan said: “Would you like to try a cucumber? No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used here. It tastes very good.” ”
Thank you, I’ll do it myself. Is this kind ripe?” Han Xuan pointed out He said while looking at a large cucumber of more than ten centimeters on the vine on the left.
“It’s too old and doesn’t taste very good. It was just picked here in the morning and all the fresh ones were taken away. Come with me, we have to walk a little further inside.” Kelly said, bending down and stretching out her hand. : “Do you want me to hold your hand?”
“I’ve grown up! Ms. Kelly.”
“Okay, okay, I’m ten years old, come with me.”
Han Qianshan looked at his son’s back and turned to Lewis Said: “How is it here recently?”
“It’s not bad. I just replaced this multi-functional longevity film. It has twice the service life of ordinary plastic films. It can save more than 100,000 US dollars every year. It has excellent lighting and thermal insulation properties.” It’s also better.”
“It’s just that there are fewer employees, and they are usually busy, but they can still accept this level of workload. After all, boss, you give a high salary.” “What about the
dishes? There are so many more varieties. Can you be busy?” Father Han continued to ask him, took the cucumber handed over by his son, took a bite, and said vaguely.
“Vegetable prices are quite high now. A pound of organic cucumbers can be sold for about US$2, and a piece of white cauliflower is about US$2.50.

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