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trong influence in the ‘Atlantis’ regime,” Zhang Lisheng nodded, pretending to be surprised. Said: “But I really don’t understand why you can’t contact me openly.


May 9, 2024

trong influence in the ‘Atlantis’ regime,” Zhang Lisheng nodded, pretending to be surprised. Said: “But I really don’t understand why you can’t contact me openly.
I have never expressed hostility towards the Atlantis civilization. On the contrary, I helped a lot in the war between you and the Tatdu people…” ”
Your Majesty, I don’t have that much time to play some ‘virtual and real game’ with you. “,” the curly-haired girl bluntly interrupted the words of God Wu Li, “Since you can miraculously rise in the ‘Great World’ and conquer twenty-one ‘worlds’ in just a few years, You should be very clear about your relationship with ‘Atlantis’.
This is like a hunting ground with abundant prey. The king may not mind the skinny badgers and jackals stealing a few wild birds and fat insects, but he will never care if a huge beast breaks into his territory. , isn’t it? ”
Hahaha…” Zhang Lisheng laughed and shook his head and said: “Are you comparing ‘Atlantis’ to the king of the ‘world’? But as far as I know, the Tatdu civilization alone is It has already made you miserable, not to mention that in addition to the Tatedu people, you have many other enemies.
Madam, when there are three or four beasts with similar strength in a hunting ground, even if one of them is slightly stronger, he should be self-aware and know that the most important thing at this time is to choose allies and establish a relationship that can be used for himself. The dominant order, instead of provoking everywhere and provoking more and more enemies. ”
You used your own strength to escape the prying eyes of countless potential enemies, ascended to the throne of God in another world, and conquered tens of billions of believers. It can be imagined that the process was very laborious and you experienced risks that ordinary people can’t imagine. and miraculous coincidences.
Now that you have finally succeeded, don’t you want to compete with ‘Atlantis’ at all? “The curly-haired girl asked leisurely after a long silence.
/It means that a general who is really good at war games is always unable to make very prominent achievements, because before the crisis occurs, he has already mastered all the favorable conditions that can be mastered and occupied the position. The position of absolute superiority, so that no one wants to conflict with it, do you understand what I mean?” Zhang Lisheng said tactfully and conceitedly.
“I understand what you mean, and I agree with your statement, Your Majesty,” the curly-haired girl’s communication system clearly trembled. It was obvious that she was a little out of control, but in the end she let out a long sigh and said, “But’ Ya Not all of Atlantis’ rulers were smart enough to see the situation clearly.
The glorious history and power of light energy civilization have made many originally very wise people stupid and short-sighted. Some people are obsessed with keeping the purity of the ‘universe’ and would rather let ‘Atlan’ Tis’ is destroyed, and I don’t want to have an affair with an alien civilization.”

By sangna