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g show a satisfied expression on his face. When he walked into the nightclub, he melted into the crowd in the blink of an eye. .


May 8, 2024

g show a satisfied expression on his face. When he walked into the nightclub, he melted into the crowd in the blink of an eye. .
The lean body quietly passed through the small gaps in the dancing crowd in various twisted postures as the rhythm changed. After a minute or two, Zhang Lisheng slipped into the restroom at the corner of the nightclub.
/Seeing things that could be seen everywhere, it made people laugh. He frowned in disgust at the disgusting vomit. Seeing that all the stalls in the toilet had their doors closed, he frowned and waited by the sink with an expressionless face.
After a while, there was a sound coming from a stall . After the sound of the toilet being flushed and the sound of “crash…”, a drunken white young man with colorful hair stumbled out. Zhang Lisheng immediately passed him silently, walked into the cubicle, and locked it. Thin white wooden door.
“In this chaotic place full of drugs, liquor and surnames, even if someone is really following me, it is natural to lose my whereabouts.”
It’s always good to be careful when doing things…” In the cubicle, Zhang Lisheng murmured to himself and quickly took off all his clothes, driving a toad-like witch bug out of his flesh and blood, swallowing all his clothes and shoes, leaving only He held the light stone and the ‘recorder’ given by the Atlanteans in his palm.
Then he used the power of a lizard to transform into a body, shrinking to a size of sixty or seventy centimeters, opening the wooden door of the compartment, hiding his body and jumping through The bathroom faced a small open window on the wall of the dark alley, and he jumped onto the frost-covered, cold and damp ground.
Then under the dim street lights, Zhang Lisheng turned his power of transformation into a dragon, gathered clouds and mist under his feet, and soared into the sky He got up and flew towards the passage connecting the World of Sea Shrimp II to the Earth.
Worried about being discovered by the Atlanteans, the young man was very cautious during this flight. Fortunately, he did not wait until the clouds drifted to the He has never encountered any accidents in front of the red ‘light curtain’ arranged by the alien civilization near the inner sea of ??New York that seemed to cut the sea water.
/Seeing that there was only the last level left, he was hidden in the thick clouds and fog. , Zhang Lisheng looked at the light that looked like flowing magma not far away, gritted his teeth and rushed forward, and actually passed through it in one go.
Terrified, he endured the severe pain and cut open his scales, and used witchcraft to drive away the heat that penetrated his body. When he went out and saw that nothing unusual happened, he breathed a long sigh of relief and continued to move in the direction of Wuli Island. His speed obviously increased a lot.
Twenty minutes later, under rapid flight, the island ruled by Zhang Lisheng appeared. In his eyes, it has been more than half a year since he left. Looking at the island in the distance, just by looking at the l

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