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as enjoying it very much, ” What a wonderful smell.” Obviously, Wang Ning was referring to the smell of blood.


May 8, 2024

as enjoying it very much, ” What a wonderful smell.” Obviously, Wang Ning was referring to the smell of blood.
Li Shuangmu curled her lips and said, “Tell me, what are you looking for for me?” ”
How do you know that I have something to do with you?”
/“Because if you were fine, you would never look for me.”
“Oh, that tone seems to understand me very well. But you are right, I do have something to ask you.” Wang Ning leaned against another cedar, just face to face with Li Shuangmu, “It seems that the attack on Icewind Valley was a failure? Tsk, it turns out that boy also made a mistake in his plan. “It’s time.” Wang Ning asked knowingly, because he witnessed the previous chaotic battle with his own eyes.
“You don’t need to trick me. Just ask whatever you want to ask.” Li Shuangmu said.
A trace of anger flashed in Wang Ning’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He smiled and said, “Come on! Then I’ll ask directly. What did the boy named Yin hide from us?” “Are
you so sure that I know?”
“You Of course I know.” Wang Ning looked directly at Li Shuangmu, unusually sure.
Li Shuangmu looked at him quietly for a while, and then said: “It’s useless to tell you. I advise you not to know. The difficulty of this exam has increased, or it is more difficult for us to passively take it. path. Let’s think about how to complete this exam safely!”
“I don’t care about the mission anymore. As for life, with the ‘juice of the flame flower’, I also have an extra life. And thanks to the blessing of the surname Yin , even if this mission failed, I still made a lot of money. Although I am greedy, I am also satisfied. However, I thought about it for a long time, and I still can’t figure out what that guy Yin Kuang is hiding!” Wang Ning He said bitterly.
“You are really persistent.” Li Shuangmu said: “And, from your tone, it seems that our mission will fail.”
Wang Ning stretched out his hand to catch a snowflake, his eyes fell on the snowflake, and said, “Because I I’ve watched “The Chronicles of Narnia”.”
“Oh? So what?”
/“In the world of Narnia, there are many laws that were enacted by Aslan or asked by a more powerful being to enact them. . Because there are some unreasonable aspects of those laws. One of them is, ‘The betrayer belongs to the Snow Queen. If she does not get the traitor’s life, Narnia will be destroyed in floods and fire!’. I don’t want to To delve deeper into the relationship between the Snow Queen and Aslan, I don’t want to know why Aslan made such an unreasonable law. But the result is that all betrayers cannot escape the sanctions of the White Witch. Now, Peter has betrayed and became The white witch is a lackey, and the wolf is also a betrayer. In order to survive, it may betray the enemy at any time. The next step for the white witch must be to use Peter to trick Susan and the others into betraying. When the time comes, once the four kings are dead, defeat will be a foregone conclusion!”
Wang Ning talked a lot, and finally said: “So now I just want to know what the hell Yin Kuang is hiding from

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