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l a risk of blindness. If Zhang Yun had a chance to choose again, he wouldn’t choose some bloody Sharingan even if he were killed.


May 8, 2024

l a risk of blindness. If Zhang Yun had a chance to choose again, he wouldn’t choose some bloody Sharingan even if he were killed.
/It’s all the fault of Naruto and Fruit Ninja!
Zhang Yun glared at Du Fang and gritted his teeth. Apparently there was some grudge between the two.
Xiao Zhang cursed: “Idiot! There is still internal strife at this time. If you don’t like your life, just commit suicide and go back! No wonder other people have to leave too, this 1204 will be disbanded sooner or later!” Zhang Yaozong said “Humph”: “Xiao Zhang, you are not the squad leader. I’m not qualified to preach here.” “You!”
Instead, Tang Zhaotian looked on coldly and sneered.
/At this time, a fishy wind was coming.
Everyone thought, “Just die! Die early and transcend early! Anyway, there is still life left.”
“Dong dong”!
The giant ax butcher used the huge hammer and ax in the city to sweep away the slashers and crawlers blocking the way. The huge hammer ax was raised and hit Zhang Yun and others. At this moment, they seemed to have no strength to resist. In other words, their desire for survival has been extinguished.
However, just when Zhang Yun closed his eyes and waited for death, a series of “swish, swish, swish” sounds like spinning darts came from far to near, and then came suddenly. Then a “dang” sound came out, and Zhang Yun covered his ears and shouted with such strong sound waves.
However, what shocked Tang Zhaotian and others was that the giant hammer ax was knocked open and hit the sand with a “pop” sound. The splashed sand stung the cheeks of Tang Zhaotian and others.
And what hit the hammer and ax was actually a black Nepalese knife? !
Who on earth saved us? However, this knife seems very familiar.
“Thank you for saving me.” Qian Qianqian said gratefully to Leon.
At this time, with the combined efforts of everyone, the three big fat insects that suddenly attacked have been killed. Because those big fat insects suddenly attacked from underground, they caught everyone off guard and caused a lot of losses. Two cars were destroyed by big fat insects, and the people in the cars were either killed or injured. Even Li Shuangmu and others were slightly injured. Mainly injured by the corrosive liquid sprayed by the big fat insect. The reason why Qian Qianqian thanked Lyon was because Qian Qianqian was almost hit by a large amount of corrosive liquid when she threw a grenade at a big fat insect. Fortunately, Leon pushed Qian Qianqian away in time, saving Qian Qianqian from being disfigured.
Leon smiled, gave a thumbs up, and praised: “You are very brave.” Qian Qianqian smiled but did not answer. Seeing that there was a wound on his shoulder, she said: “I am a nurse. Let me bandage the wound for you. Well.” Fortunately, Leon was wearing a body armor and only a small part of his body was splashed with corrosive liquid. Leon said: “Thank you.” Qian Qianqian was not polite and accepted it calmly. Because she had already expressed her gratitude to Leon for saving her before. Now she felt no shame in thanking h

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