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and an invisible impact burst into the mind of the “Konoha female traitorous ninja” “Aren’t you the ‘Sharingan’ strengthened? Try my genjutsu!”


May 8, 2024

and an invisible impact burst into the mind of the “Konoha female traitorous ninja” “Aren’t you the ‘Sharingan’ strengthened? Try my genjutsu!”
“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuse me.” He screamed like a ghost, his limbs twitched, and he foamed at the mouth. Especially her eyes, one moment she was a normal eye, another moment she was a Sharingan eye, they were constantly changing, and two streams of blood and tears flowed out of her eyes.
/“Asshole, stop!” A “Konoha Male Rebel Ninja” came out and quickly formed seals with his hands. But before he finished forming the seals, Yin Kuang threw the woman out, and this seemingly-looking pair hit her. Together, “A pair would be better!” Holding hands, the Qingzhi sword was in hand, and together they “swung swords”, approaching the rebellious ninja duo.
/At this time, Concubine Xiao sighed and said, “Calm down.” With a move of her slender white hand, two streams of blood-colored air hit Yin Kuang.
“Danger!” Yin Kuang felt a sense of extreme danger from taking the airflow that seemed extremely weak and would disperse when the wind blew. “Oops. The move has been completed and cannot be undone! Damn it! It’s a hard fight!”
However, at this moment, a sudden change occurred, and a golden sword energy suddenly slashed down from the side. The two blood-colored air currents were like seven inches inside a snake, and they were instantly eliminated with a twist.
“Concubine Xiao is so generous, using this ‘yin and yang soul lock’ on a junior disciple!” A leisurely and elegant male voice sounded, and a man in pure white ancient costume with gold threads appeared between Yin Kuang and Concubine Xiao between. The clothes and sleeves are fluttering, and the rings are ringing, which is quite the style of an ancient celebrity.
At the right moment, a sword appeared, or to be precise, it was just half a sword. The sword was split in half at the spine for some reason, and there were simple patterns on it. He gently put it into the simple sheath of the sword, making a soft “click” sound.
“Giggle!” Concubine Xiao covered her lips and smiled, “If you don’t use the Yin-Yang Soul Locker that specifically restrains the soul, how can you force Zhao Kuang, the Emperor’s Sword, to come out? You have been this kid’s personal bodyguard for so long and you can’t come out. Wouldn’t it be unreasonable to meet someone and make people feel grateful and grateful? ”
Zhao Kuang, the Emperor’s Sword? ”
Yin Kuang landed on the ground, looked at the man’s handsome back, and was deeply puzzled, “Personal bodyguard?”
“Personal bodyguard?!” Yin Kuang looked at the handsome and elegant back in surprise, frowning slightly. Judging from Concubine Xiao’s tone and demeanor, it didn’t sound like she was talking nonsense. And whether this Zhao Kuang is the “personal bodyguard” Yin Kuang is also a little curious. But what he was more concerned about was that he hadn’t noticed anyone following him all this time! ? What a fatal mistake! If he wanted to harm him

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