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‘t even know what the Internet is. It seems that if a company enters the Internet, it can make a fortune like the Han family.


May 7, 2024

‘t even know what the Internet is. It seems that if a company enters the Internet, it can make a fortune like the Han family.
Recently, the number of companies included in the Chinese Yellow Pages has exceeded 500, including familiar names such as Wahaha, Giant Company, Sun God, and Sanzhu.
The big discussion about state-owned and private companies is still going on, so Han Xuan is not currently planning to develop on the other side of the ocean, and will wait until the investment environment is improved.
The old man received preferential terms from the central government last year and has already tested the waters in first-tier cities in China. A total of 14 SOS supermarkets are under construction at the same time and should be open by the end of the year.
After discussing with Newman for a long time, he learned that he was going to host an interview event for Interstellar Investment in the afternoon, so Han Xuan asked him to leave first. Thinking of the news he heard last night, he took out his mobile phone and called Soros.
/No one answered the phone, so Han Xuan had no choice but to say goodbye to the bank manager. When he went out, he found a noodle shop selling knife-shaped noodles and walked in directly.
With the help of Mr. Han, the facilities in Chinatown have been greatly improved compared to the last time I came here. The sewers and roads underfoot have been rebuilt. Some dilapidated old houses have also been demolished and new buildings have been raised and built.
The original residents in those old buildings can get one for free, and the extra new houses are for sale.
The old man didn’t make any money, so he still suffered a slight loss.
Later, I found that instead of directly providing money, it is better to let these people find well-paid jobs and improve their own lives. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them how to fish.
Therefore, a new Chinese association was recently established to expand the proportion of Chinese employees recruited by those companies in the SOS Group and the American Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
Now SOS Transportation Company is expanding, creating many more job opportunities. Half of the positions will be provided to Chinese people. Several technical schools will also be opened to allow young people with dreams to learn skills.
Grandma grew up here and planned to help them. She built several clothing manufacturing factories nearby and recruited Chinese female workers.
This incident naturally aroused dissatisfaction among whites and blacks, but his behavior was understandable. After the old man came forward to explain, there was no disturbance
in the Chinese restaurant.
Han Xuan sat down and finished ordering his meal.
A young Chinese guy kneaded the dough and held it with one hand, while using the other hand to shave the dough with a thin iron piece. The noodles fell into the big pot one by one with skillful movements.
He also asked him if he could take a group photo. Seeing Han Xuan smile and nod, he quickly ran out and went to

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