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May 7, 2024

It seemed that the “BOSS” terminator effect of “Dark Badge” was activated, and the bullet penetrated directly through Wesker’s brain. An extremely coquettish blood flower bloomed on the back of Wesker’s head!
“I also saved a bullet.” Leon used his gun to support himself and stood up. “Alice should be fine.” Before he could finish the word “Okay”, Leon’s expression changed drastically. ”
Good opportunity!!”
Alice After Si burst out with T-mind power, although Yin Kuang and others were not within the optimal range of T-mind power, they were also affected and their bodies retreated uncontrollably. Although Tang Rouyu and others knew that this was the best time to attack Alice, no one really took action. Some are afraid, and some are for King Ada.
However, not everyone is willing to give up such an excellent opportunity.
The words “good opportunity” were not spoken by one person. But there are two people, one is King Ada and the other is Wang Ning!
There were only two people shouting, but there were three people who actually took action. There is also a silent god of death, Zeng Fei who shoots ghostly bullets. Because he is silent, he responds fastest. When Wang Ning suddenly appeared behind Alice, one of Zeng Fei’s bullets had already penetrated into Alice’s eyebrows. There was no splash of blood, only a bloody hole.
The bullet penetrated into Alice’s brain, grazed a chip located somewhere on the left side of Alice’s brain, and then flew out from the back of her head.
No one noticed that the chip flashed with electric light.
But Alice screamed in pain,
“It’s a pity, it would be better if it was an explosive bomb.”
/Since the opportunity was fleeting, Zeng Fei touched a bullet, but it was an “armor-breaking bullet.”
Then, the bullet shot by King Ada also hit Alice’s heart. Just like last time, it penetrated through the heart. This time, it really penetrated through the heart!
“Killed! Ha!” Wang Ning shouted excitedly. Although she has not received a notification from the principal, in her opinion, Alice is already dead. In fact, there is no possibility of her surviving, right?
/The center of the brow is hit hard, the heart is hit hard, the spinal cord is not damaged, and even the soul is stimulated. Can a human being still survive?
“Don’t be careless!” Yin Kuang suddenly conveyed his consciousness to everyone, “The G virus can bring the dead back to life, what else can’t happen?!”
“NO!!!” Leon suddenly roared like a crazy beast, and fired the last shot from his gun. A bullet was shot towards Wang Ning.
Wang Ning’s smile froze instantly.
For a moment, Wang Ning seemed to see a ghostly face made of shadows smiling at him,
“No! No! No!! So many dangers have come over, so many desperate situations have been overcome, so many powerful enemies have died. How could you die like this in my hands!? No, no, no!”
However, the principal’s voice sounded in his mind like a curse:
You are subject to the chain effects of the “Deep Black Badge”. The influence, coupled with Leon’s stro

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