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k to the hands of Chanaros.


May 6, 2024

k to the hands of Chanaros.
“What method did those despicable mole crickets use to isolate our nine ‘worlds’? Even the full attack of my ‘Lord of Flames’ Zanaros couldn’t break through this trick…” The stalwart old man took back his war hammer. Looking at the red and white flames filling the sky, he finally roared uncontrollably.
Looking at the twisted facial features of Zanaros who couldn’t hide his tired look, he was shocked by the remarkable power of his ‘flying hammer strike’ just now. The sons of Tatedu and even the gods around him lowered their heads to avoid his gaze.
Only a few gods of the Flame God Department ruled by the stalwart old man showed angry expressions of the same voice. One of them was very young and had a birthmark like a flame between his eyebrows. He walked up to the old man in the air and said respectfully. Said: “Great Father God, please put down your anger temporarily.
/Although you are infinitely powerful and your divine power is enough to incinerate any strong enemy, after all, the divine power you control has nothing to do with space, illusion, or transmission. The ‘fields’ are different. With flames burning, it is naturally difficult to break through the enemy’s carefully laid tricks.
/I think it is better to ask the ‘King of the Void’ Hodemis, who also isolated and hid our ‘world’ under the attack of the Atlantis fleet. Your Majesty, the Lord God, or Your Majesty, the Lord God Malilis, the ‘Weird Monarch’ who has the strange power of ‘turning lies into reality’, would be better to break the enemy’s tricks.” ”
Saminoel, if you can invite back two Lord Gods who have infinite power, To get rid of the enemy’s despicable tricks, I already did it last night…” Facing his favorite son, the stalwart old man barely suppressed his anger and still said stubbornly.
“The situation last night was unclear. In order to prevent the Atlanteans from launching a full-scale raid, we naturally cannot let Your Majesty, the King of the Void and the Lord of Strange Lords, return rashly.
But now I believe that all of you on the frontline must have already After completing the most careful investigation, if everything goes as usual, it shouldn’t be a big deal to ask the two main gods to come down and work with you to break the enemy’s conspiracy in a short time, what do you think?” The young god said slowly and respectfully. He interrupted his father God and said.
The stalwart old man was stunned for a moment, pondered for a moment, let out a long sigh, and finally succumbed to his restless and anxious mood, and whispered: “In this case, Your Majesty Aznis, please take my place in begging Hodemith. The two main gods, Te and Malilis, come down to the inner perimeter of the battle line and break the enemy’s despicable tricks.”
“As you wish, your great main god of Zanaros.” The beautiful goddess with the bird of prey totem on her back just now faced her. In response to the old man’s instructions, he bent down slightly and agreed without being humble or arrogant.
The stalwart old man standing

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