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the true book, quietly lifted up his clothes, and put it on his belly.


May 1, 2024

the true book, quietly lifted up his clothes, and put it on his belly.
At this moment, Consultant Zheng, who was sitting alone in the front row of the carriage, suddenly said: “I have a treasure in my possession. You know that if you make a mistake once, you will make a mistake again and again.
I always think about reaching the sky in one step, but I don’t want to think that those who reach the sky in one step have no foundation at their feet, and they will fall into pieces if they fall to the ground.
/And those who build a high platform steadily and reach the sky step by step will still be on the ground no matter how high they stand. Once they succeed in reaching the stars and the moon, it will be easy…” ”
Consultant Zheng, what are you talking about? “Across the aisle, Leader Hu asked, who had been deep in thought after getting on the bus.
“It’s nothing. I just drank some wine in the hotel and talked a few drunken words.” Consultant Zheng replied with a smile: “By the way, Leader Hu will wait until we get off.” What should we do next?
“Director Liang will first take us to the camp of a survey team of China Mining Group to rest for one night. Then we will use the survey team to find minerals and adapt accordingly. ” ”
“This is not a bad idea. “Consultant Zheng nodded, said something docile, leaned on the back of the seat, closed his eyes and fell asleep, watching him rest. During this time, he only felt heartbroken and rubbed his brows. He also leaned on the backrest with his shoulders and closed his eyes. His eyes were blinded.
Zhang Lisheng, who was sitting not far away, intuitively felt that the inexplicable words that Consultant Zheng just said were guiding him, but he really couldn’t think of what treasure he had in his possession and where he made a ‘mistake’. A great witch will never miss a target.
Putting the true book of witchcraft back into his pocket, the young man thought hard and looked around with his head down. The clothes and shoes were all bought in Africa. Although the two witch bugs were cultivated with great effort, they were still used. ‘Treasure’ is a bit too much to describe; after thinking about it, his eyes gradually turned to the jelly gems wrapped around his fingers.
“Hey, your baby is also from Western Sichuan. Bell, bell, look, there are more in the team.” A fellow from western Sichuan. “The fat young man’s accent changed to Sichuan flavor and he said in surprise.
“There are over 100 million people in Western Sichuan, and there are many fellow countrymen there,” said a rather tall man next to him. The pretty young girl curled her lips and stood up, lying on the back of the front seat, looking at Zhang Lisheng carefully. “But at this time, there are not many people who can suddenly parachute into our ‘team’. It’s convenient.” Tell me where you come from, handsome boy. ”
What’s your background? Special talents can provide it. What do you mean by providing it? By the way. ” ‘Strong defensive support’, Lingdangzi, why don’t the two of us form an offensive and defens

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