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net companies that can really make money.


May 8, 2024

net companies that can really make money.
/Hearing Han Xuan’s question, Ma Yun was speechless for a moment and didn’t know how to answer.
My mind was spinning rapidly, and I suddenly got inspiration from the advertising bidding incident of a central enterprise last year.
Confucius Banquet Wine won the title of “King of Standards” with a price of 30.09 million yuan. Only then did the residents of China realize that advertising can be so profitable.
/Ma Yun hurriedly said: “Our website can sell advertising! Which company offers a high advertising fee, put that company on the homepage of the website, so that other users can see it immediately after entering the website to achieve the purpose of promotion. In this way I can make money, and those companies can also benefit!”
Han Xuan picked up some food and put it into Anya’s bowl. Seeing that Donald was having difficulty using chopsticks, he waved to the waiter and asked her to help change it to a fork.
He nodded and said to Ma Yun: “The idea is very good, and I also think it will have development prospects in the future. I just heard you say that your company lacks funds, how much exactly is it? I am about to set up an angel investment fund, which is probably equivalent to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. To invest in a company with strong potential, you need to use the company’s shares to exchange investment with me. Do you understand that? If you are willing, I can inject a sum of money into your company to promote the development of China’s Internet industry.”
Jack Ma Holding back his excitement, he wiped his sweaty palms on his shorts, then clenched his fists and said, “I need fifty thousand dollars, but I’ll give you 20% of the company’s shares!”
Han Xuan was so frightened that he couldn’t hold the food in his hands!
My eyes widened in surprise. If I remember correctly, the total amount spent to establish Huaxia Yellow Pages was only about 20,000, and it was still in RMB!
And according to Jack Ma, how could it instantly become a company with a market value of two million yuan!
Suddenly he felt that his face had grown thicker again. After hearing this, he didn’t say anything and just looked at Ma Yun with a smile.
Until Ma Yun felt scared, he finally couldn’t help but said: “Han, if you think this price is not appropriate, I can make a slight concession. Fifty thousand US dollars, 25% of the company’s shares, it will definitely bring you generous profits in the future.” Return!”
“But that’s the future, isn’t it? Mr. Ma, after all that I’ve said, I haven’t really gotten to know your company yet. Why don’t you let people from the company’s Chinese branch go to your place to learn more about it, and then continue talking?”
Han Xuan knew where his weakness was, and he immediately grasped it tightly.
How dare Ma Yun ask Han Xuan to send people there now. After investigation, he found that Hangzhou Haibo Network Company was actually like a shell company. There were no more than ten employees and bosses in total. Then wouldn’t the

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