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Tong also looked at him.


Apr 30, 2024

Tong also looked at him.
False Seiya nodded heavily and said solemnly: “Then, leave it to me!”
Time: There are still 39 hours until the end of the exam.
/Location: In the town closest to Zhu Tong’s group of residences.
Yin Kuang and everyone gathered in an abandoned community park. Yin Kuang looked at everyone and said, “Before taking action, I want to ask everyone one last question: Are there no problems?”
“No!” Everyone shook their heads. Because on the way here, almost all the predictable details have been taken care of, and the rest can only be relied on improvisation.
But just when Yin Kuang was about to “action”, Wang Ning said, “I want to say that I can be a ‘dead person’?”
Of course, the “dead person” is not a real dead person, but a person who is not directly involved. This action is like “dead”. So to be precise, there were only eight actual participants in this operation. The reason for hiding one person is to create the illusion that “Yin Kuang’s side has lost the advantage in numbers and continues to lead”, so as to mislead Zhu Tong’s side. After everyone’s discussion, it was finally determined that Ma Lin was the most suitable person to serve as the “dead person”. Isn’t it an ordinary thing for a blind man to die in this dangerous place?
Marlene is not here now!
In response to Wang Ning’s inquiry, Yin Kuang answered directly, “No.” How could Wang Ning be a “dead person”? Last night he quietly sneaked into the enemy’s position to assassinate him, and he died today. How could such a coincidence happen? Wang Ning asked again: “Then you think it’s normal for me, an assassin-type person, to charge into the battle with great strength?” What Wang Ning said made sense, but Yin Kuang felt that the other party was looking for an excuse to be lazy. Yin Kuang said: “We have said that we are not going to charge into the battle. We are just making a gesture of encirclement. Understand? And you can rest assured that if the other party sends out fake stars, you will not be the first to be attacked by fake stars. You are worried about this.” What’s the point?”
Seeing Yin Kuang’s resolute attitude, Wang Ning felt that it was boring to continue fighting, so he waved his hand and said, “It’s up to you.” Yin Kuang stared into Wang Ning’s eyes and said, “You’re not going to give up on purpose, are you? Wang Ning sneered: “What are you talking about? Am I such a person without moral integrity?”
Morality? what is that? Can it be eaten?
But since Wang Ning said so, Yin Kuang stopped biting and said, “Then let’s take action now!”
Then, everyone stopped saying anything, nodded at the same time, and then said “shuashua”, here The abandoned park was abandoned here by Yin Kuang and others.
Yin Kuang and others spread out, surrounded Zhu Tong from eight directions, and then carefully shortened the encirclement.
Some time later, in Zhu Tong’s group’s castle.
/The trio of ninjas responsible for reconnaissance around them, namely False Naruto, False Seiya, and False Gaara, returned to the castle’s council

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