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nough food and clothing!”


Apr 30, 2024

nough food and clothing!”
Yin Kuang murmured, and with a thought, his mental power spread out, activated “Brain Wave Frequency Interference”, and flew to “Thumb Peak”.
Soon, the guards’ interrogation ended. A reporter also ran out of the temple quickly, and the word “pass” could be faintly heard. Then, Victor and Jin Yanzi walked into the gate of the temple surrounded by two teams of black-armored sergeants.
/Yin Kuang weighed it confidently and still felt that there was no need for the “transcendence technique” for the time being. Then he quietly retreated into a dense forest, and then headed towards the “Index Finger Peak”. He decided to jump from the “Forefinger Peak” and fall from the sky.
The Jade Frontier Temple is heavily guarded, with one post every three steps and one sentry every five steps, with mobile patrols constantly coming and going. Moreover, “Thumb Peak” is completely bare within a mile’s radius, and there is no hiding place. In Yin Kuang’s eyes, “Thumb Peak” is filled with black energy, but to the ordinary naked eye, it is brightly lit, and the entire radius is reflected like a white shaft. Among the five fingers of Wuzhishan, the thumb is the brightest. In this way, it is not easy to sneak in at all.
/Yin Kuang hid behind the only protruding rock and saw Victor being interrogated by the black-armored sergeant. Around him, there was a large circle of black-armored sergeants. It seemed that if Victor did anything wrong at all, they would crush him into pieces. And Jin Yanzi, who was captured by Victor, also stood there alone, his thin back looking particularly desolate and lonely in this windy and thunderous night.
The windows of the Golden Temple were not closed.
The Jade Frontier Temple is heavily guarded, but the guards above the head are slightly loose. The Jade Frontier God of War’s golden temple is located at the top of the Jade Frontier Temple. The Jade Frontier God of War feels that no one can or dares to climb on his head! So there is no need for guards at all.
“Forefinger Peak” is where the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother held a banquet, and the “Gateless Gate” is located behind the seats of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother. When Yin Kuang arrived at the top of Index Finger Peak, he saw a peach tree in the center, surrounded by a circle of seats, small bridges, flowing water, pavilions and pavilions, which was very elegant.
There are no defenses here.
Yin Kuang breathed a sigh of relief. Yin Kuang was not in a hurry. If the Jade God of War is fascinated by Jin Yanzi and drags her to the bedroom to do something she loves, it will be more what Yin Kuang wants. Men and women addicted to the sea of ??desire are always the most vulnerable. Yin Kuang could just take the opportunity to steal the stone statue of Sun Wukong. As long as Sun Wukong is in hand, it will be the same regardless of whether he has Golden Swallow’s “Swallow-Shaped Immortal Killing Hairpin”. Yin Kuang didn’t believe it. Could that hairpin be more powerful than Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Golden Cudgel?
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