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in my heart. After saying that, he walked away.


Apr 30, 2024

in my heart. After saying that, he walked away.
Under the glare of Zhang Chi, Qian Tong and others, Yin Kuang looked at Shen Kou and said, “Take care of them? Just don’t cripple them. It’s best if the wounds can’t be seen.” Shen Kou said, “Okay! ”
After a dull beating, Yin Kuang walked up to Qian Tong, mentioned him, and said with a smile: “No matter how long I am in the future, you will all listen to me. If you don’t listen, I will kill you as spies. When the time comes, If you die without any evidence, your death will be in vain. Understand?”
How dare Qian Tong and the others resist, they were all as docile as cats.
“Smart!” As he said this, Yin Kuang took out five gold leaves and stuffed them into their arms one by one under the shining eyes of Qian Tong and others. After a big meal and a sweet date, Qian and the others were completely speechless. Yin Kuang easily knocked them out. Wei Ming took out a set of dry clothes and put them on, and said: “It’s important that you don’t need to shower anymore. This Liu Bei is quite an honest man. Yin Kuang even made a fool of himself. I heard that all scouts have horses. Hey, let’s run wildly.” How delicious.”
Shen Kou sat down on the ground (there was no way there was a bed) and said: “Yin Kuang can take Zhang Fei’s spear, maybe Liu Bei wants to sell him a favor so that he can be easily recruited.” Yin Kuang sat down cross-legged and said with a smile: “I’m not Zhao Yun, so I will sell it to him in just a few words because of his small favor? But he has helped us a lot. With the status of scout, it will be much easier to act in the future. ”
Wei Ming smiled “hehe” and said: “And if you encounter people from the West God on the road in the future, give them the hat of an enemy spy and borrow Gongsun Zan’s knife to kill them. The attack will not be bloody.” At
this time, Zeng Fei asked Yin Kuang said: “Yin Kuang, since the plot this time is about the eighteen princes attacking Dong Zhuo, do you have any ideas? Should we choose the side of the eighteen princes or Dong Zhuo?”
Yin Kuang spit out two words without thinking. He said, “Dong Zhuo!”
/Zeng Fei and others looked at each other, then nodded. They rarely objected or questioned Yin Kuang’s decision. Now that Yin Kuang felt that he would choose Dong Zhuo’s side, he must have sufficient reasons, so he stopped asking questions in vain.
As for which side Xishen High School chooses, this does not conflict with their choice. Even if Xi Shen also chooses Dong Zhuo’s power, it still cannot change the fact that they are hostile to each other.
At this time, the camp suddenly remembered the sound of “bang bang bang”, and then heard the continuous shouts of: “Turn off the flames! Go to bed!”
But it’s time to go to bed.
It rained heavily all night and the sun was shining brightly in the morning. Today might be a good day.
Not long after Yin Kuang left the camp, the army broke out and set off along the road, flags fluttering, and the army stretched for unknown miles, rushing towards the place where the eightee

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