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ely come to visit you. Now please let me Open.” The threatening meaning can be heard at a glance.


Apr 29, 2024

ely come to visit you. Now please let me Open.” The threatening meaning can be heard at a glance.
The noble young man seemed to be stimulated by Tagory’s gesture. He pointed at Tagory angrily and said: “Hello! I am waiting in the Kane Empire! Galli Green is the most noble noble in the Kane Empire. When the time comes, I will definitely entertain you very attentively!” After saying that, as if he was afraid of Tagore, he hurriedly got into the crowd with his two followers, and did not forget to shout “Her Royal Highness Princess Merulu will definitely be…” Mine!” This attracted a burst of contempt from everyone.
Originally, the onlookers were quite impressed with the noble young man because of his words, but in the end they didn’t expect that he was just a idiot who could only yell and yell. If such a person did not have a strong background to rely on, he would have died long ago.
Hughes said to Tagory: “Boss, do you want me?” Tagory said: “I have told you so many times, we can’t cause trouble now. Let’s deal with him after the wedding is over. But Don’t beat him to death. We can just use him to squeeze out some profits in the Kane Empire.”
Hughes smiled and said: “As expected of the boss, he is wise!”
Tagore snorted: “You even need to deal with this kind of little guy’ Ying Ming’s words are simply a shame to me. Let’s go!”
The figures of the eighteen people gradually disappeared, leaving behind a lot of discussion in the street. Although Tagory and the others are still the focus of discussion, they are not the only focus. The “brave” Elsir who stopped Tagory has gradually become a “legend”. Of course, he is the kind of person who attracts people. The “legend” of laughter.
/The noble young man and his two followers left “in despair”. The three of them walked around and entered a house.
“Hey!” The aristocratic young man sat down on the soft wicker chair with a golden sword, let out a big breath, and said: “I didn’t expect that being a dandy is quite fun! Pointing at other people’s noses and shouting ‘My dad is XX’ The feeling of ‘my family is OO’ is so cool and dazzling!” As soon as the noble young man opened his mouth, he said words that were completely contrary to his identity and appearance.
At this time, the female knight, one of the noble youth’s retinue, pulled off her helmet and said through gritted teeth: “How dare you let me wear such a dirty thing! Bastard Yin Kuang, I’m going to kill you!” As the female knight spoke, As soon as it fell, the maid dressed in black and white turned into a white smoke and disappeared. However, there is an extra talisman on the ground with red characters on yellow paper.
“Yes, yes,” the noble young man, oh no, it should be Yin Kuang, said, “You can’t get enough of it if you don’t shout to kill several times all day long. I know this. As for not wearing armor, you leave it to me. Where can I get an identical armor? Or do you actually want to wear that maid uniform?” As he spoke, Yin Kuang looked up and down at Lian Nishang who had returned to her original appe

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