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o it!”


Apr 28, 2024

o it!”
Before Bai Lu could finish speaking, everyone saw an orange flame igniting from the Flame Queen’s hand, and then she slapped it on the hole in Yin Kuang’s right chest. In just a moment, Yin Kuang originally felt that because of The painful and distorted face was relieved. “No one can save the people I, the Flame Queen, want to kill. No one can kill the people I want to save.” Pushing Yin Kuang away, the Flame Queen said lightly: “Very good,” said the Flame Queen His eyes swept over everyone, “Class is over!”
After a second of silence, everyone shouted: “Goodbye, teacher!”
The white light ball instantly illuminated the world
/and the flame queen stood on the podium and said: “Although some of you are trying to be tricky, but Seeing as not one of you died, I won’t argue with you. I’m just a teacher, I will teach you what to do, but how to do it is your own business. As long as it doesn’t affect my ‘evaluation’ That’s it. Remember, every Monday morning from now on is my ‘Melee Combat’ class. Next time, I won’t provide you with weapons. That’s it.” After saying that, she left gracefully.
As soon as the Flame Queen left, Bai Lu asked: “Yin Kuang, are you okay?” Yin Kuang, who had recovered as before, said: “Do you think I’m in trouble? Don’t forget that this is a university. However, the feeling just now was just right. It’s quite bad. In addition to the pain, there is also an indescribable feeling of lightness, haha, it feels like my soul is about to fly into the sky.”
Although Yin Kuang said it lightly, Bai Lu, Li Shuangmu, and Wang Ning all had different looks in their eyes. He looked at Yin Kuang. Bai Lu said: “Yin Kuang, thank you. If you hadn’t blocked that shot for me, I would have killed that person. If you hadn’t desperately grabbed that guy, we would have had no chance to kill him.” When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but look at Yin Kuang, with different expressions, but there was no doubt that they all felt deep respect for Yin Kuang’s act of sacrificing his life to save others.
Yin Kuang shook his head and said: “No need to say such disgusting words. Don’t forget, we are classmates. I saved you this time, maybe next time, I will have to rely on you to save me. In this dangerous situation In this place, everyone may die at any time. Haha, in fact, I am also thinking about myself.” Bai Lu shook his head and said firmly: “Anyway, I really want to thank you this time. This time it’s me. I owe you.”
Yin Kuang nodded, then looked at everyone and said solemnly: “Although this course was successfully passed in the end, it also exposed the shortcomings of our class. First of all, Most of us have not strengthened. Perhaps, the premature strengthening mentioned by Bai Lu will limit the potential for future development, but the cruel reality is that we can only care about the present. If I can’t care about the present, how can I talk about the future? ?”
Li Shuangmu glanced at Yin Kuang and then said: “Yin Kuang is right, we must Strengthen it as early as possible. Since there is a melee

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