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is hand.


Apr 29, 2024

is hand.
As soon as he saw it, Tan Shengge exclaimed: “Master Dou, what are you doing?”
The Pangu stone ax was suddenly in the hands of someone who could not possibly appear. And that person was none other than Dou Tianli, the former first brother of Dongsheng who was exiled by Rosalind.
Dou Tianli flashed in front of Tan Shengge in an instant, looked Tan Shengge up and down, and said: “Yes, you can condense the axis in your sophomore year. But the next struggle is still not something you can participate in. Find a place to settle down. As for the outcome, I don’t know. Tan
/Shengge nodded and said, “Okay. By the way, can you stop Li Shuangmu?”
Dou Tianli shook his head and said, “I don’t have time to discipline a disobedient baby. And I believe there will be a more suitable person to deal with him.” That’s it, I’m leaving.”
After saying that, the person disappeared. Together with the Pangu stone ax in his hand.
“But doesn’t the ax in his other hand belong to the Bull Demon King?” Although Tan Shengge shook his head, he only felt that this had something to do with him. Sighing, he said: “I have done what I can. Then I can only wait.”
Genesis says: When God began to create the heaven and the earth, the earth was chaotic and had not yet taken shape. Darkness enveloped the abyss, and the Spirit of God Run on the water. God said, “There should be light.” And when he finished speaking, there was light. God saw that light was good and separated light from darkness. God called the light day and the darkness night, so there was evening and there was morning.
In a land of chaos and chaos, it is boundless and there is mist floating everywhere. There is no space, no time, nothing at all. This is the most primitive state, really zero.
However, in such a chaotic place, there is a person standing!
His name is “Famous”.
At this moment, Youming was naked, with no amethyst armor, no amethyst giant sword, and nothing but a perfect male body.
He opened his mouth and wanted to “tsk, tsk” twice to express his admiration for Rosalind’s genius ideas and practices. However, he found that he couldn’t make a sound at all. Only then did he realize again that he was in a place with nothing. So Youming could only sigh in his heart: “Genius, genius! This Rosalind is really a genius! She can actually create the most primitive chaotic state of the world with human power. Ha, isn’t this the state I want? How wonderful is such a world, where there is nothing, everything starts from scratch, and what kind of world I want to create is all up to me. What a pity, what a pity! Rosalind, it would be great if you were my comrade. ”
Then, you open your arms and raise them above your head, with your palms facing upward (there is no concept of direction, it depends on the person), and your fingertips face each other.
“What I want is the real chaotic nothingness, not this piece of junk used to bluff people.” Youming said. Of course no sound was made.
/Suddenly, as if Mingming had done something, the surrounding mist of chaos sudden

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