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esn’t want the men’s Olympic champion in the three major sports!


Apr 14, 2024

esn’t want the men’s Olympic champion in the three major sports!
Ginobili held the ball at the top of the arc, Scola raised it to the high post as a screen, and after the break, Ginobili snaked through the basket.
At the same time, Delfino on the weak side cuts into the basket from a 45-degree angle from the right, and then cuts out from a 45-degree angle from the left.
The Argentine team’s team basketball and the Chinese team’s defensive deployment were disrupted.
Ginobili faked a fax from behind and hit the ball with a high shot!
Jordan hasn’t taken off his No. 20 jersey yet!
Time, and the last 40 seconds.
Sun Hao holds the ball and picks and rolls with Yao Ming. Ginobili and Oberto attack Sun Hao together.
Sun Hao passed the lob to Yao Ming, and Yao Ming ran to the basket and met Scola who was helping to defend.
He gave the ball to Yi Jianlian, and Yi Jianlian gave it to Zhu Fangyu in the bottom corner.
/The Chinese team also played smooth teamwork!
Zhu Fangyu made a three-pointer after receiving the ball.
His eyes were full of confidence.
Although he had not made a three-pointer in the second half, Sun Hao’s words still echoed in his ears.
“You’re the best pitcher in the country!”
The ball left his hand and his hand followed.
The basketball drew a high parabola in the air.
Zhu Fangyu’s key three-pointer went in! !
Sun Hao was right. Tonight’s Olympic final is Zhu Fangyu’s opportunity to transform himself and become a butterfly!
104 to 102!
The Chinese team led by 2 points with 26 seconds left in the game!
Argentina called a timeout!
The bench of the Chinese team was in a state of excitement. Du Feng went up and yelled at Zhu Fangyu.
The Guangdong team has a successor!
However, at the same time, Kupchak in the stands had decided to have an in-depth chat with Zhu Fangyu after the game.
The Lakers still lack a forward.
Although it is unlikely to get Zhu Fangyu now, who knows what will happen in the future?
The successive successes of Sun Hao and Yao Ming, coupled with the huge cake of the Chinese market, have made Chinese players a favorite in the eyes of NBA teams.
Just like Liu Xiang’s emergence in history made more 110-meter hurdles athletes known to the Chinese people, Nowitzki’s emergence will make more German players enter the NBA in the future.
It is a natural thing for more Chinese players to enter the vision of NBA teams and land in the NBA.
It’s just that what many NBA teams may not know is that these players have more or less intersections with Sun Hao.
/After the timeout, Argentina’s tactics changed.
After Ginobili pressed for some time, he did not attack directly, but gave the ball to Scola, who held the ball at the free throw line to provide support.
Ginobili came out around the screen to catch the ball.
However, Yi Jianlian switched defenses and followed closely, leaving no room for Ginobili to take action.
After Ginobili took a step back to the right, he chose a drifting three-point shot!
This ball is just like Ginobili

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