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ike a wounded lion.


Apr 14, 2024

ike a wounded lion.
The next moment, there were two pops, and two bullets suddenly flew out of the shadows and flew towards William.
However, although William was in great pain because of the death of his teammates, his long career as a mercenary had turned his body into a powerful weapon! Almost instinctively, he jumped forward!
He succeeded.
He successfully dodged the bullet aimed at his head.
However, another bullet that was supposed to miss hit his arm strangely and coincidentally because of his forward leap. A bloody flower bloomed from the right elbow of his hand.
The hand he uses with the gun is useless!
“What!? Being ambushed by armed forces?”
A roar suddenly sounded from the Umbrella Company’s temporary camp, “Damn! Can any of you tell me where these damn militants came from? Is Raccoon City no longer there? Are we under control? Or did they fall from the sky? Are you people just eating shit?”
A group of technicians were frightened when their supervisor scolded them.
“Why don’t you check for me?” The supervisor suddenly straightened his suit and his tone became lighter. “If you can’t find out, you can go feed the zombies. I think the children must be very hungry.” The
technicians immediately He leaned in front of the computer and tapped on the keyboard with his fingers. Then, the CPU of the computer with the “Sony” brand became overloaded. Video windows are constantly brought up and closed, and then other windows are brought up, and the cycle repeats.
Finally, a short technician with an Asian face stood up and said tremblingly: “Sir, I found it out.” ”
“Hey!” The short technician nodded and said, “Preliminary estimate, they They are a group of Chinese students who came out of the convenience store at No. 21 Oak Street, Nancheng District.” The short man squeaked and finally organized his words and said.
A crisp slap sounded, and bright red handprints immediately appeared on the fat face of the short technician, “Pig! Don’t you understand what I said? What I want is information about militants, not the Chinese students you are looking for!? ”
the short technician shouted habitually, and then said: “But sir”
/“Forget it!” The supervisor suddenly let go of the headset on his ears and said, “It doesn’t matter. Nicholas has already fought with them. Although I am curious about where this armed force came from, but for a group of people who returned quickly, I have a tolerant attitude towards those who are embraced by God.” After speaking, he waved his hand.
Then, two security guards walked in and dragged the short man out.
“Sir, please listen to my explanation. No, no, no.”
The supervisor took a gentle sip of the bright red wine, “Okay, the annoying flies have been driven away, it’s time to start working. Let’s get started.” The
technicians were stunned for a moment, and then quickly understood, “Yes, sir!”
/” Plan Nemesis, start!”
Ding, ding, ding.
The violent bullet hit the car frame, splashing out a series of sparks, adding some light to the d

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