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roke out after a pick-and-roll, and Christie got a very comfortable shot opportunity from the corner.


Apr 14, 2024

roke out after a pick-and-roll, and Christie got a very comfortable shot opportunity from the corner.
He didn’t hesitate, just opened his hand and shot.
However, this ball was obviously deflected, and the ball almost missed the basket.
There was a commotion in the place.
Just like when Sun Hao was seen in the All-Star Game, Christie had just returned from injury and had not played in a game for a while.
Especially after just experiencing an All-Star game, his serious training might just be a training session with the Lakers.
So in this context, it’s a bit awkward to expect him to perform right from the start.
What’s more, he is not a 3D player. His career shooting percentage is only over 35%, which is about the same level as Jordan.
Of course, Phil Jackson didn’t pay attention to his offense either.
/When the team’s offensive and defensive transition came to the defensive end, he set his sights on Christie.
He is sure of Christie’s defensive ability before, but it is worth putting a big question mark on how much skill he still has after being injured.
Because at the age of thirty-four or five, the impact of injuries on players is seriously underestimated.
A seemingly minor injury may cause a player to plummet in strength or even retire early.
Referring to the history of Mutombo, who has become “Uncle Mu” during the Houston period. As a well-known evergreen in the NBA, he had no choice but to retire when he was injured.
This is also an important reason why the Kings are willing to trade Christie.
The Spurs’ ball is in Parker’s hands.
Ginobili ran without the ball at first.
Compared to Ariza, Christie’s defensive experience is obviously much richer.
This time, the fans didn’t react yet, but Phil Jackson couldn’t help but nod.
What veterans fear most when they get injured is a decrease in athletic ability.
Christie’s pursuit in this period has shown that he was not affected too much.
Then, Christie’s performance made the fans at the scene couldn’t help but cheer.
Ginobili tried to shake continuously, but Christie was very good at it.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this.
To be honest, Christie was the person who made Kobe almost autistic in 2000!
Although Kobe had not yet reached his peak at that time, Kobe was Kobe after all!
Ginobili wanted to score a break, but Christie reached out in advance to block the passing route.
Ginobili could only finish with a somewhat reluctant snake-like breakthrough.
As a result, against the defense, his drifting shot missed the basket!
Ginobili, who was in great shape, was guarded by Christie!
And during the whole process, Sun Hao saw it clearly. Just like defending him before, Christie basically relied on his wingspan, position grabbing and his own experience.
The defense couldn’t have been cleaner.
After O’Neal grabbed the defensive rebound, the Lakers counterattacked.
Sun Hao and Christie’s double line went down quickly. He passed the ball to Christie. After attracting the defense, Christie threw the ball di

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