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ony missed consecutive shots in the opening game. Not only was this a bitter experience tonight, it was also made even harder!


Apr 14, 2024

ony missed consecutive shots in the opening game. Not only was this a bitter experience tonight, it was also made even harder!
But looking back, Sun Hao’s sudden ball was snatched out by Billups and went out of bounds!
The two teams played for almost 3 minutes at the beginning, and the score was 3-0!
Although the Pistons’ offensive status looks average, the Lakers they defend cannot score consecutive points!
This is the Pistons!
In fact, in history, the Lakers will lose to the Pistons in F4. In addition to internal strife, it is the Pistons’ defense, a historical defense!
They have Prince on the outside and Rasheed Wallace on the inside, both of whom are seriously underrated defensively.
Or in other words, the Pistons’ defensive strategy is not much different from that of the Mavericks. They both focus on defending the opponent’s core scorers and then cutting off the connection between them and other players.
The only difference is that they have Prince, Rasheed Wallace, Billups and Ben Wallace, and their defense has left the Mavericks behind for more than one street.
Of course, the most important thing is Prince and Double Wallace, which allows them to defend superstars through simple one-on-one situations on the outside and inside.
F4 lost because of this. Both Kobe and O’Neal performed significantly worse than other times after meeting the Pistons.
The so-called historical level is a description that the Spurs have never had.
Although it is not as extreme as the Pistons and Spurs in history, it is very telling that the Lakers can score less than 20 points after almost one quarter.
Even Yi Jianlian, who was sitting on the sidelines, had a serious look on his face.
This is the opponent he will face in the Eastern Conference playoffs if he reaches the playoffs. How many points can he score against this defensive intensity?
In a sense, he was right to come to watch this game.
Because this will give him more motivation to push himself to become stronger.
You must know that after half the season, he is quite satisfied with his performance.
But now it seems that that is not enough.
Sun Hao didn’t know what Yi Jianlian was thinking at this time. After he was replaced, he sat on the bench and gasped.
After taking a few breaths, he poked his head out and glanced at the Pistons bench.
Damn Prince, he finally experienced the feeling of Kobe Bryant playing in the Finals last year.
Not only in terms of defensive skills, but also defensive methods, Prince is one of those rare people who can maintain physical confrontation with you at all times but will not be easily passed by you.
Speaking of history, the Pistons trailed the Magic 1-3 that year, and the final 4-3 comeback relied on Prince’s defense of Tracy McGrady. That was the pinnacle of McGrady!
His current strength is actually not much different from Peak Mai.
/Prince has been evolving in the past two years, and it is completely reasonable for him to have trouble playing.
As for the unreasonable shooting at the beginning, i

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