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Li has been waiting for a long time off the court, especially when he was not selected after the first round, he could not hide his disappointment.


Apr 13, 2024

Li has been waiting for a long time off the court, especially when he was not selected after the first round, he could not hide his disappointment.
However, after being selected in the second round, he still smiled. After getting up, he elegantly arranged his suit, took the hat handed by the staff and walked on stage.
Sure enough, it is a temperament that only the second generation of rich people have.
“He should have stopped at least in the first round.”
Yi Jianlian felt a little sorry for Li Ming.
The two had played against each other in college before, and he felt that Li’s strength shouldn’t fall so far behind.
“Counterattack is not a bad thing.”
Sun Hao said with a smile.
Although he was one spot lower than the historical pick, he still fell from the first round to the second round.
But Lee is one of the few Knicks low-post treasure players in history.
Now he is still going to the Knicks, which means that he can basically still perform as he has in history.
That was definitely a counterattack.
The second round of the draft is much faster than the first round because the time each team has to select is reduced from five minutes to three minutes.
Soon, the draft reached the 40th pick.
The Bulls selected Vaughn Weaver with the 40th overall pick.
Domestic fans are no stranger to “Wei Bat King”. In that era of Yao Ming and Houston, everyone had a nickname.
/But his strength is limited.
After that, the Pacers obtained the 41st pick through a trade and then selected Monta Ellis.
This is very interesting. The Pacers lost Granger but picked up Ellis.
As for the Warriors without Ellis, it’s not a bad thing.
Because worse grades mean a higher draft pick, there’s no telling who they’ll draft early.
Sun Hao, waiting.
The Lakers haven’t made a move at this pick, which shows that Kupchak’s negotiations are not going very smoothly.
This is also foreseeable. The Lakers won the championship last season, which awakened other teams’ impression of the Lakers as the “public enemy of the league” in their minds.
They won’t make a deal with the Lakers without enough benefits.
Fortunately, Sun Hao’s waiting did not last long.
The Lakers sent Spanoulis and acquired the 43rd overall pick from the 76ers!
This deal seems a bit of a loss. Spanoulis performed well for the Lakers last season and became the team’s backup point guard.
But the Lakers traded him for a young second-rounder!
This is the treatment of “enemy of the whole people”.
/Sun Hao also felt a little disappointed when he saw this, but he understood it.
The Lakers’ goal has always been to win the championship. Although Spanoulis performed well in the regular season, he couldn’t play in the playoffs, which was almost like not having one.
At the beginning of this century, it was still difficult for players without defense to survive on championship teams.
And another signal sent by this transaction is that the Lakers and Payton are almost done talking.
Sun Hao’s substitute next season will most likely be “Glove” Payton

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