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: “I sent him back to the arms of your goddess.”


Apr 13, 2024

: “I sent him back to the arms of your goddess.”
“Okay, very good. “After Lester finished speaking, he stepped back, surprisingly calm.
Yin Kuang in red came out and said, “He actually tried to murder my mother. It wouldn’t be a pity to kill him a hundred times. Now it’s your turn!”
“Come back!” King Ada said. The red-clothed Yin Kuang paused and said, “But mother.” When he met King Ada’s unyielding eyes, the red-clothed Yin Kuang became docile, glared at Yin Kuang and the others fiercely, and then returned to King Ada’s side.
At this time, Yin Kuang raised his wishful stick, pointed it at Yin Kuang in red, and said: “You! I will definitely twist your neck off with my own hands.” Yin Kuang in red looked directly at Yin Kuang and sneered: “You! I will definitely twist your neck off with my own hands.”
/Yin Kuang then poked the ground with the Ruyi Stick and said: “The winner is the king and the loser is the bandit. Whatever you want, you can draw the line.” Wesker smiled and said: “Really It’s a pity. I didn’t expect that we could negotiate peacefully only under such circumstances. It seems that I was too gentle before. But now this is someone else’s territory, so it is up to you, King Ada.” Moros also smiled “Chairman, please give me your instructions,” he said. As he spoke, he looked at the students at Hokuriku University and made a very obscure gesture, which meant: Be prepared to listen to my orders! Obviously what he had planned in his mind was not consistent with what he said verbally.
King Ada looked at Yin Kuang, her eyes flashing with hatred, reminiscence, confusion, etc. It was obvious that she didn’t know how to deal with Yin Kuang and the others for a while.
At this time, Yin Kuang and others were ready to self-destruct the “axis” in order to die together. It’s a death anyway, so it’s better to get some support.
“Tie them up and take them back to the ‘Central Capital’ for trial!”
Finally, King Ada spoke.
Many people present secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Yin Kuang, Xue Jingjia and others looked at each other, then put away their weapons and surrendered.
Five days later, the central capital, underground prison.
/“Get in!” A prison guard who looked like a butcher shouted and pushed Yin Kuang towards the cell door. But the fat hand, which was thicker than Yin Kuang’s thigh, seemed to be pressing on a rock instead of pushing on a person. Yin Kuang turned back to look at the butcher-like prison guard, “Do you believe it or not, even if I stuff your brain into your anus now, no one will do anything to me.” Originally, Yin Kuang didn’t bother arguing with an ant. , but an ant dared to bully me, and you still expected him to laugh it off? What’s more, he is in a very bad mood now.
“You” the prison guard’s fat belly bulged out, and the shirt holding his belly almost tore. How dare you challenge my authority on my territory? Just as he was about to kick him out of habit and hit him a few times with his baton, he met Yin Kuang’s eyes. For some reason, he felt chills all over his body and

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