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se, Sun Hao also did not forget humor.


Apr 11, 2024

se, Sun Hao also did not forget humor.
Well, the outcome of this game has little impact, but after this battle, the nickname “King of Force” became even louder!
Are some people concerned about Durant and Livingston?
These two people looked at each other very seriously.
After watching the game, the two people’s expressions were like this: ∑(°Д°;≡;°д°)
The intensity of this game has exceeded their imagination!
Including when Sun Hao missed the three-pointer in the end, Durant slapped his thigh and jumped up! !
Because he was so close, he heard the last words Millsap shouted.
So much so that, after the game, he ran directly to the field to seek confirmation.
As a result, he was kicked out by the stadium staff
. Did they learn anything from this game like they did in the last game?
The answer is also yes.
But this time Durant learned defensive skills not from Sun Hao, but from Ray Allen.
Although the height and position of the two are different, the same thing is that they are not good at confrontation.
He decided it was time to start trying to learn the defensive pace.
Although the Warriors don’t have any requirements for him to defend, Sun Hao is practicing, so he must keep up.
Even, he still has some unfinished ideas.
“What are you thinking about?”
Durant, who kept complaining after leaving the arena, couldn’t help but frown and asked when he saw that Livingston had no response to him.
“I think both teams still have reservations, especially tactically.”
After all, Livingston is extremely talented. He has a higher dimension. He not only looks at the performance of the players, but also the coach.
“Are you sure?”
Durant looked shocked. If Livingston was right, he couldn’t imagine what it would be like if the two teams went all out.
“Who will reveal all their cards at the end of the regular season, especially when they may meet in the finals?”
Livingston asked rhetorically.
Durant thought for a while and nodded seriously.
But if that floor is real, it can be regarded as the Celtics using a trump card, right?
So if it comes to the finals, the Lakers will have one more chance of winning?
Thinking of this, he suddenly wanted to watch the two teams play in the finals!
However, in that case, it would conflict with his previous thought that the Celtics would not be able to enter the finals!
Oops, it’s so confusing! !
/Sun Hao said he would help Barkley pay the $100,000, and Barkley quickly responded on the TNT show.
Thank you Sun for your kindness, but he had already given the money to Bird and took a video of him putting the money into the suitcase.
/When the video was released, TNT’s ratings exploded.
Then, you thought this was the end?
For Barkley, this is just the beginning!
“I admit that I made a mistake before, because the things we bet on and the stakes were too small!”
From this statement, you can tell that he is an old gambler.
However, after losing consecutive bets, he has been labeled as “a loser in every bet”, and he doesn’t kn

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