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tantly erupted.


Apr 11, 2024

tantly erupted.
Yao Ming couldn’t help but excitedly ran to McGrady and gave him a passionate chest bump!
This dunk boosted the morale of the Wizards!
The scene was also agitated.
But Phil Jackson didn’t call a timeout either.
He didn’t even yell like Carlisle.
He just looked up at the scoreboard, then turned to look at Sun Hao on the court.
99 to 96!
The Lakers still have an advantage.
As for momentum, he believed in Sun Hao.
He can only trust Sun Hao now.
Sun Hao took the ball to the frontcourt, made a transition to Ariza, and faced McGrady once again posing as a triple threat.
And it’s a bit similar to McGrady’s shot just now. Sun Hao made a fake shot to trick McGrady into swinging his center of gravity, and then pulled back and made a quick breakthrough!
Because Sun Hao had just made a three-pointer before, Tracy McGrady was more defensive about shooting, but this time he was directly passed by Sun Hao!
No one else on the Wizards expected it.
Sun Hao accelerated his breakthrough to the inside line, and also jumped into the air with one step.
On the Wizards’ side, only Uncle Huo had time to swoop back.
Sun Hao dodged in the air to avoid Uncle Huo’s block, and glided under the basket.
Then, a backhand dunk!
Like a match thrown into a haystack, the Staples Center was instantly set on fire.
A tooth for a tooth, a dunk for a dunk!
Moreover, Sun Hao’s dunk is obviously more difficult!
McGrady’s dunk is indeed cool, but as for Sun Hao, he is the dunk king!
Carlisle was stunned for a while, and when he came to his senses, he couldn’t help but shake his head.
Sun Hao’s dunk completely suppressed the momentum brought by McGrady’s dunk just now!
The response speed is incredible.
He stood up and gestured.
The Wizards attacked the frontcourt again, Yao Ming was in the low post, and Nelson gave the ball inside.
This is the beginning of Yao Ming’s strong point.
The Lakers defense shrank in, but Yao Ming did not choose to pass the ball.
With a large dribble turn, he showed his excellent flexibility and passed through the double team.
After turning around, he followed up with a delicate hook, showing off his soft touch again!
The moment the ball went in, the referee’s whistle on the bottom line also sounded, indicating that Zhu Fangyu, who was assisting in defense, committed a foul!
Yao Ming’s shout of his favorite tomatoes rang in the referee’s ears again.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but smile after hearing this.
Yao Ming is so excited.
But this ball is indeed crucial.
He glanced up at the timer.
There is only the last 1 minute and 40 seconds left in the game.
If Yao Ming had taken extra penalties, the score would have been 101 to 99.
The Lakers are still leading, but with a 2-point advantage, they can be caught up in an instant.
/In this game, the outcome is still hard to decide.
Yao Ming went to the free throw line and took a breath.
/Sure enough, there will be additional penalties!
Even if you ex

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