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and Wang Zhizhi is gentle, which is difficult to tolerate in the NBA.


Apr 11, 2024

and Wang Zhizhi is gentle, which is difficult to tolerate in the NBA.
It’s not that they can achieve Yao Ming’s achievements if they have the same character as Yao Ming, but at least it’s definitely not like that in history.
And the matter at hand is probably not something Li Yuanwei can decide. In the final analysis, it has the most to do with his home team, Bayi Team.
After seeing the car disappear, Sun Hao looked back at Yi Jianlian.
Wang Zhizhi has been restricted to death by the system, but Yi Jianlian has not yet.
As a good friend, he would never let Yi Jianlian make the same mistake again.
When he was in Europe, he said he wanted to play with Yi Jianlian.
/Now that he is going to the NBA, to do that he has to let Yi Jianlian go to the NBA as soon as possible.
And really speaking, Gasol’s powerful and favored younger brother can bring Gasol to the United States with him.
Why couldn’t he bring Yi Jianlian with him?
Although he is not his real brother, thinking about the two years after time travel, the person closest to him was Yi Jianlian.
How different is the voice of Brother Hao from a real brother?
“Brother Haohao”
Yi Jianlian’s face turned red when Sun Hao looked at him.
He didn’t know why Sun Hao suddenly gave out that doting look.
He has always regarded Sun Hao as his elder brother.
Sun Hao looked away, jumped up and patted Yi Jianlian on the shoulder, just like he did three years ago.
“Go back and talk to your parents. I’ll be waiting for you in the United States. If you have any difficulties, tell me in advance.”
He continued.
Yi Jianlian nodded.
Previously, he couldn’t talk to his parents because it was a major event like going to play in Europe, but if he just went to participate in a draft, he believed that his parents would definitely agree.
And after playing against Sun Hao today, he also had the idea of ????going abroad to play ball.
Although he is shy, it does not mean that he has no dreams.
In fact, his desire for dreams is no less than anyone else, which is also the motivation for his self-discipline.
By the time Yi Jianlian was sent away, it was already evening when Sun Hao returned home.
After dinner, due to the time difference, the scouts in the United States began to work one after another, and he also received calls one after another.
After some communication, his plan before the trial training was also full.
Five trials in five days, one place a day.
Either at the training ground or on the plane heading to the next training ground.
The next five days will definitely be a challenging five days for him.
However, Sun Hao has been playing professionally for so many years, and he can definitely bear this intensity.
That night, Sun Hao said goodbye to his parents, put on his schoolbag, and got on the plane to the United States.
The plane took off and the city below became smaller again.
He lived in this city for three years after traveling through time, but now he only stayed for one day.
And this time is different from the last t

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