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acking the basket.


Apr 11, 2024

acking the basket.
This also comes at the right time.
Because last season was only half a season, but the breakout tactic has become one of his regular tactics with the Warriors.
With this advanced recovery potion as the base, the tactical threat will definitely be greater than before.
This one is even more awesome!
When Sun Hao was training in the system before, he still needed a favorability score of 60+ to be able to pull out an avatar to be a caddy.
Moreover, you can only pull one at a time.
In other words, the most he could do in the system before was without the ball or one-on-one training.
But now, if ten people are pulled out, he can conduct half-time and full-time confrontation training!
This is a dream for basketball players!
Putting aside everything else, the time he spends running back and forth to the training gym can be saved to give him a lot more training time.
/You must know that the actual time of version 3.0 and the system are 1:5!
Not to mention that after the system can train full-time, he basically doesn’t need to hold any training camp.
Because that would be a waste of time for him!
At this time, there will definitely be people who can’t help but want to say that if 10 beauties appear directly
, Sun Hao has not thought about this problem.
/But to put it bluntly, there is no difference between playing like this and wearing VR, and the final effect is probably equivalent to having an erotic dream.
It’s not impossible to experience it occasionally.
Of course, it is impossible for Sun Hao to experience this on a plane.
He walked around the arena and then pulled out the Warriors’ starters to practice the whole game.
Unknowingly, the stewardess’s announcement from the radio sounded in my ears, saying that Houston had arrived.
After coming out of the system, Sun Hao was in a daze for a while.
This system version 3.0 is really almost like a virtual world.
I don’t know if he will feel lost in it after upgrading to 4.0.
He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts.
The system upgrade was an accident. He mainly came to Olajuwon to train his feet today.
Although he now has Kobe’s turn and fade badge, his post-up style is very monotonous. If he can add some steps, he will benefit a lot.
As Yao Ming said before, Olajuwon held a training class not long after he retired, and the fee was high.
And he also said that Olajuwon’s pace actually doesn’t matter. He can do a good job because his speed is faster than others.
Therefore, neither Howard nor James brought any qualitative changes after learning.
However, not everyone is useless.
The most useful one is naturally Kobe.
In history, Kobe once followed Olajuwon’s footsteps and learned the essence.
Although he is getting older, he still maintains his dominance by relying on his footsteps.
Looking at the essence through analysis, generally the speed of the inside line cannot keep up with Olajuwon, but the outside line can!
This is also the reason why Sun Hao made this trip specially.
When Sun

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