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mperament of the Thunder team, both before and now, has a lot to do with the personalities of the two cores.


Apr 10, 2024

mperament of the Thunder team, both before and now, has a lot to do with the personalities of the two cores.
And this kind of temperament is very attractive to fans.
This was at the home court of the Lakers, but when Westbrook and Griffin were projected onto the large LED screen at the venue, they still attracted a lot of attention.
Opponents do not prevent fans from loving them and the Thunder team.
After the warm-up, the scene entered the opening ceremony, and the starting lineups of both sides were announced one after another.
For the Thunder, Westbrook, Sefolosha, Jeff Green, Griffin, DeAndre Jordan.
For the Lakers, Knight, Sun Hao, Carter, Millsap, Yao Ming.
After completing the final tactical arrangements before the game, the starting players on both sides were ready to take the field.
While they were on the court, Sun Hao and Yao Ming were walking and chatting.
“Dayao, it’s up to you tonight.”
Sun Hao patted Yao Ming on the shoulder and said.
These words are not polite, nor are they trying to get Yao Ming to deliberately increase his statistics like he did during the previous All-Star Game, but they really rely on Yao Ming to beat the Thunder.
The Thunder’s lineup is not strictly a small-ball lineup.
But anyone who has watched the Thunder play will know how much this team’s offense relies on defensive counterattacks.
This has nothing to do with who the Thunder’s head coach is, but rather the composition of the team.
/The technical characteristics of the people selected by the team determine how they will play.
There are actually two ideas for team building involved here.
One is to establish a system first and then find the right people.
The most typical example is after several major systems were formed, such as the triangle system in the OK period, the Spurs system, etc.
However, this is still a minority in the league in general, because it is difficult for the “system” to succeed.
The other is to find a coach that suits them based on the team’s personnel framework, and then create a tactical system that suits them.
This is the vast majority of the league, including the current Thunder team.
If it’s hard to understand, you can compare this to cooking.
One is to decide what you want to eat and then go out to buy the ingredients.
The other way is to make whatever ingredients are available.
So after determining the Thunder’s style of play, the Lakers’ response is actually simple.
You are good at defensive counterattacks, so if I reduce the number of defensive counterattacks you do, that will be half the battle.
As for how to reduce defensive counterattacks? Increase the success rate of positional warfare attacks!
This is the same as playing small ball.
So in fact, you will find how useful it is to have a dominant center!
In fact, this is also the reason why Jordan is loved by so many fans in history, because before the advent of the small ball era, in addition to the Bulls, those dynasty teams, even teams that won two consecutive championships, would ha

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